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Goodbye Pepe!

Sweet old friend, you will always stay with us, we thank you for your trust, your love and that your sad life you taught us so much! We love you!

Pepe news about the mug and spoon usage

I must admit, I am worried over the old fellow since two weeks. I can not say exactly why, he is only a little quieter, a little more retractive. It just can not be explained medically, but it makes the „mother's” heart fear.

Pepe, the macaque rescue is starting now!

We got a desperate phone call on Monday from a veteranian from Szombathely in connection with a macaque in trouble. Pepe is an old (24 years) male macaque. An old man from Kőszeg was his owner. The man had all the licenses to keep an animal like this, but unfortunately he has died in spring.

Marmoset in our home – Part 2 Conclusion

The tiny silk monkey came, broke hearts and left
As you could read, 2 days ago a tiny, strange and swift little creature visited a loving family in Obuda. After diligently cleaning all the spider webs even in the most remote corners of the flat, the little animal was caught and Noe was asked for help...

A marmoset in the living room – part 1

Nowadays, if someone is not careful enough and irresponsible about airing the room, intruders can occupy their room…This happened to a poor family in Buda…they came and go and in the next minute they saw that a strange creature was making mischief in their flat, on the cornice, on the shelves, everywhere...

Linda has arrived!!
It all started with a conversation about one and a half years ago. Everything that has happened since then can be called another NOAH’s miracle
It turned out that a middle-aged collared baboon lady lived not far from the Animal Shelter. In peace and love among her family.

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