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  New Gyárfás news with a MIRACLE!

The little guy has thought he had enough sitting on his fanny and stood up! He doesn’t care that one of his side and ankle is broken and his other side was operated on and lost 2 of his toes. He wants to heal and walk!

We can't stop!

JOINT STATEMENT, from the animal rescue organizations that attended to the demonstration on 20th February, 2016.
We can’t stop!
At the beginning of this year 120 animal rescue organizations and a lot of devoted people expressed in front of the Parliament that we had enough! This can’t go on like this!
On the 16th of May, 2016 the Hangya community’s donation delivery trip they have experienced horrible conditions in the Mandulás hegyi dog shelter in Sárospatak. The organizations joined hands together to help the dogs at the shelter.


Sárospatak – it is saddening that this wonderful township’s name has welded together with one of the biggest problems in Hungary namely with animal cruelty.
At the dog shelter in Sárosparatak there are about 500 dogs who live their life in sickness, because of the fights between each other they live in stress and in danger.

What should we pay attention to with our animals in this heat!

The extreme weather, intense heat is very dangerous not only for people, but animals too, they are also at risk. Like us, our pets can get heat stroke, may dry up and can eventually die if we are not careful!
What to look for?

A miracle coming true, or the true story of Füstös, the sealdog’s luck
Ez a tündérmese tavaly májusban kezdődött. És alig egy év alatt egy év alatt egy béna, de hatalmas szívvel, lélekkel és akaraterővel rendelkező kiskutya megmutatta mindannyiunknak, hogy semmi sem lehetetlen, hogy igenis vannak csodák. De ezért tenni kell, küzdeni kell, nem létezik a könnyebbik út és soha nem szabad feladni. Füstös aki tavaly májusban fókaként, bénán kúszott mászott az út szélén egy árokban, alig egy év alatt puccos, báránybőrön alvós, négy lábon szaladgálós, urizáló gazdis kutya lett.

Another broken boned dog, Ulrik!

Another broken boned dog on the operating table.
Totó – pelvis, hip, spine and thigh bone, Blueberry – head injury, front leg broken in multiple places, Gyárfás – pelvis, hip, spine, thigh bone, ankle broken, 2 toes amputated and soft tissue injuries. These injured dogs came to our shelter in the last month and now we have another one, Ulrik.

Totó and his smashed bones

This beautiful Dachshund male is called Toto. He was abandoned near a very busy road and it wasn’t long before tragedy happened. After a couple of days of waiting and wandering around a car hit him and went over him. It was a miracle that he survived. Since he was abandoned nobody rushed to his rescue and nobody took him to the vet. He just sat sadly and in pain because practically every bone in his back part of his body broke. 

Hacsek and Sajó the two pharmaceutical research fugitives!

Hacsek and his little brother Sajó came to our shelter together. These tiny piglets were part of a human pharmaceutical research. The routine protocol is that these animals will be put down after the research is done.

Lending a helping hand to the Ágica shelter in Solt.

It came as a shock when we read the desperate Facebook post from the leader of the Ágica shelter in which she reports that due to money shortage she couldn’t neuter a pregnant cat who then gave birth and there are other pregnant cats so other growths are expected.

Spring vaccination in Törökszentmiklós

The Befogad-Lak shelter in Törökszentmiklós was in on our NOAH’S ANIMAL HOME HELPING SHELTERS PROJECT last year. We were surprised that even though they have a very tight budget they are very organized and the shelter is very clean.

Legújabb állataink
Species: Dog
Sex: Dog
Born: 2010.05.01.

Species: Dog
Sex: Dog
Born: 2006.01.01.

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