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  The miracle of Moses
Well, things have accelerated around Moses. He is the one who came from Szirák, with the help of the local wonderful vet Dr. Attila Micsutka 💙🙏

Pancser our first crow
We were asked to help a young crow. We don't know exactly what happened to him, but he's in a lot of trouble. Pancser 💙 has a broken leg and and a broken wing on the opposite side...

Farewell to Tündér Palkó
Our beautiful horse, go, run, gallop across the rainbow bridge 🌈 gallop down the Milky Way, across the stars... 💫

Hard to find the right words take 2
Finally, the 9 dogs taken by the artists from Gyöngyös were given to animal welfare organisations, and by the end of the day, 10 of them had been taken away.
We were invited to go for the animals.

Lábas needs our help!
Last night, Lábas arrived at the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation from Sarud. He is in the Csipet Csapat Veterinary Centre, undergoing a medical evaluation and examination.

Barni is fighting for his life
This is Barni 💔 7 weeks old, who should be with his mum, who should be playing with his brothers, who should be exploring the world, running, climbing, tasting everything... But this is Barni, who spends his LIFE alone in a hospital... with parvo 💔

The Mád family
This beautiful white mummy and her 9 babies with closed eyes came from Mád. Mummy had been wandering around the neighbourhood for some time and gave birth to the babies in an uninhabited, untended house.

‼️Warning! Disturbing images 🔞‼️
This week has been heartbreaking. At the beginning of the week, the Meda for Animals Association, who care for the dogs at the Kunhegyes city pound, asked the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation to help a dog in a terrible condition.

My smile is pretty 😀 I'm a beautiful‼️ And together with my new chubby little nose, I wish all my Angels who support me a HAPPY NEW YEAR 🥂

Remove the curse!
On Luca's day, help find a new owner for the 3-legged protegés of the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation ‼️

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Species: Dog
Sex: Dog
Born: 2021.01.01.

Species: Dog
Sex: Dog
Born: 2021.09.01.

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