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  We are open again!
We are thrilled to anounce that the Noah's Ark Foundation is open again!
Thanks to the newest regulation we could open our doors again and you can come and pet our animals and take the dogs for walks.

Chaplin NEWS!
Chaplin, our little bow-legged baby, had an orthopaedic check-up with our miracle worker vet Dr Boda. We have to say that just a few days of balanced feeding is already showing, you can see the reduction in the curves.

Demo, our miracle
At the beginning of September, she came into the care of the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation in a terrible condition, thanks to the Füzesabony Animal Welfare Foundation. His fur was falling out, his skin was hot, inflamed, sore and painful.

Icuka our new old lady
Today, the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation received this beautiful old lady Icuka ❤ from the city pound in Budapest.
She is a thousand and one years old, most of her body is bald, breast tumours...

Every life counts!
Farm animals are rarely mentioned, even though they can get sick or injured. At the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation, everyone, regardless of breed, receives the highest level of medical care.

Good news about Rúzs
You remember little Rúzs, who arrived at the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation at the very end of August with a terrible jaw injury. The little girl, then just six months old, had a brutally broken, dislocated jaw. In addition, the injury was no longer fresh, the wound from the licking fractures was infected and pus was oozing from her mouth.

Once again, we took a truckload of dogs which means 7 dogs who have heartworms to the cardiologist Dr. Dalma Péterfia. We regularly take such a large number of dogs for check-ups and still cannot keep up with the number of infected dogs coming in.

Bözsi needs surgery!
Bözsi's leg is broken in several places 💔 She had an unfortunate accident, her leg got stuck between the bars of a bench at her foster home.

Nova needs surgery
A severely injured puppy from Nyírbogát was taken into the care of the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation. Animal welfare workers in the area asked for help for the boy, who is about six months old.

Harmat needs your prayers!
Our newest protegé came into our care with the help of MME Foundation in Miskolc. They have contacted us about a dog came into the city pound with a huge tumor on one of her teats.

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Sex: Dog
Born: 2016.06.30.

Species: Dog
Sex: Dog
Born: 2018.01.01.

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