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  We are open again!
We are opening on Saturday❣️
At last, at last, at last. We are still taking precautionary measures but we will open our gates on saturday and you can visit the protegés of the Noah animal home. That means that we will be open from Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am till 15:00 pm. On Sunday from 10:00am till 14:00 pm.

Homeless news!
We had to put things in motion and fast for Homeless because of his paralysis every second counts. The MRI test was done today at the VetScan Kisállat Diagnosztika Clinic.

Good bye dear Sacher!
We have fought hard but the help came too late. Crippled, maggots under your skin and because of the heartworms you didn't stand a chance.

Her name is Omlett and she was used and abused!
Her name is Omlett and it is hard to find words to describe her condition. She came from Heves County with the help of the Animal Protection Foundation in Füzesabony. She is a Bulldog mix female who was used, abused and then thrown out like trash.

Kukker news!
Little Kukker came from the city pound of Budapest called the Illatos út. Her fur was like a shield around her body because of neglect and her eyes were rotting. Underneath the fur her skin was red and full of wounds.

Another day and another case
It is really shocking that we hear and encounter a horror story practically every day. This sweet old lady in my hand whom we named Anika was found today in the busy area of the 17th district in Budapest.

Great news about Ciabatta!
This little dow who was ran over by a truck in Cibakháza and nobody helped him for hours. Whose leg broke and his lower back wasn't moving ...

The "big vaccination day"!
Due to the Corona virus our "big vaccination day" has been postponed to June. It is an important day for our farmyard animals. On this day they are vaccinated, dewormed and their hooves are trimmed.

Panna Pöttöm
Her name is Panna Pöttöm :(
The Léleklánc Állatvédő Foundation has asked for our help rescuing an old dog. With their help she has arrived at our animal home and we are lost for words.

This is how we are closed...
Let's recap yesterday's happening and of course we will go into detail later on. As you know we have closed our doors for visitors due to the Corona virus but...

Legújabb állataink
Euro koko
Euro koko
Species: Dog
Sex: Dog
Born: 2020.05.28.

Euro Csábi
Euro Csábi
Species: Dog
Sex: Bitch
Born: 2020.05.28.

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