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  Sisak 😍 news ‼️
Most of the edema has receded, thank goodness. However, in addition to the horrific wound, the skin, which was wrinkled and shrinking due to the natural process of healing, was flattened in several places and caused a circulatory problem again.

Can you help Tangó?
Hi guys Tango I am a young black beauty 🖤
Unfortunately my life did not turn out the way like a fairytale. I don't know where I was born and I don't know where I lived until I was somehow run over by a car near Eger. I was injured. Very badly.

Sütőtök is also a Noe miracle!
Do you recognise this little brat? This is Sütőtök 💙 who came into the care of the NOÉ Animal Shelter Foundation a few months ago, unconscious and convulsing.

Dunyha's new life can begin
Dunyha came as an extra SOS request from the 70-dog hoarder hellhole in Újszilvási, from which the Supporters for Animals team and the many organisations working together are rescuing the dogs.

Tobzoska, our newest challange
Tobzoska 💔 came to the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation with the help of the Füzesabony Animal Protection Foundation, with a brutal skin disease. He lived in poor conditions in a segregated area in Mezőszemere.

Kodi baby
A very small baby with a bad case of skin disease arrived to us with the help of the Füzesabony Animal Welfare Foundation 😢💔

Please, help!
Help us! We have 6 days to pay 535.000ft!
Our dog Bugaci Cider, who escaped from the infamous Bugaci bull breeding farm, almost died on Friday. He died 2x to be exact, but doctors managed to revive him. 🙏

We are looking for sunflower oil sponsors!
Many of you know our horse Carmen, after she survived a severe colic a few weeks ago. Her elderly body was very badly affected by the illness, she was already in poor condition, but it all came at a very bad time before winter, when we started the cold with her heartbreakingly thin.

We are fighting for Headache's life!
We saw the first picture and said yes immediately! The following pictures are even more horrible, taken by the Fans for Animals Foundation on the spot.

LILLA is 12 years old...and all she wants is a FAMILY...will she get one?
Lilla came to our MiniShelter special project from the Ózd city pound in 2016.
She is an easy learner, although nowadays she prefers a soft sofa and warm words. Not necessarily aware of her physical size, she likes to pretend she is a lapdog, trying to demand attention at all costs.

Legújabb állataink
Species: Dog
Sex: Bitch
Born: 2024.03.01.

Species: Dog
Sex: Bitch
Born: 2022.07.01.

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