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  Az itt rögzített állatoknak kizárólag eredeti gazdájukat keressük.

Name: Barn család Biléta
Sex: Dog
Born: 2019.11.01.
Arrived: 2020.01.05.

If you have questions about Barn család Biléta, please send an e-mail to !

Biléta, his brother and his sister were born on an abandoned cow farm. His mother has sustained a serious injury and after she was caught at the end of December, 2019 she had an emergency operation on New Year's Eve. Since Biléta, his brother and sister never knew people it was not easy to rescue them. On January 5th a group of people went on a mission and caught all 3 puppies. In a couple of days time they went from growling to very cute, friendly, playful and cuddly puppies.

We are looking for a family who is responsible and is aware of the hardships of bringing up a puppy and is ready to accept that there will be accidents and losses in the flat or in the garden. We are looking for someone who will not only love him when he is a puppy but will love him, when he is teenager, adult and also when he gets old.

He is chipped, his vaccination program has been started and the owner has to continue it. The future owner is obligated to neuter him and we will check it.

For more information please, write to

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