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The virtual adoption sponsorship is an easy way to support an animal of your choice even if you cannot really adopt it. The name (or nickname) of the virtual adopter will be displayed next to the name of the animal he or she sponsors during the time of sponsorship. It is also possible to display the name of your company, thus the virtual adoption of a popular animal can have a commercial value.

The estimated daily costs of supply are specified in the description of each animal. It has been estimated on the basis of the animal's size and its special needs. Thus, a puppy which has to undergo a set of vaccination treatments might have higher daily costs than an adult, vaccinated animal; similarly, sick animals, and those in need of surgery have higher costs than healthy ones.

The shortest possible length of virtual adoption is 5 days; if you specify less than 5 days, it will be automatically changed to 5 days.

After filling in the form, by clicking "next page", you will see a contract with the details of virtual adoption sponsorship. After you accept it, your intention for virtual adoption sponsorship will go on record and you will receive a notification about the virtual adoption.

From this moment on you have 48 hours to transfer the sponsorship fee to the bank account of the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter Foundation. Please indicate on the payment receipt the name of the animal you would like to sponsor, e.g. "virtual adoption of Buksi". Within two working days from the arrival of your money transfer your virtual adoption will start and the name you specified for display will appear as the virtual adopter of the chosen animal for the duration of your sponsorship.

An animal can have only one virtual adopter at a time. If two virtual adoption sponsorships are initiated at the same time, the transfer which arrives first will have priority over the other. If the animal you have chosen already has a virtual adopter, your virtual adopter sponsorhip will start on the day when the previous sponsorship of the animal expires.

In case of a real adoption or death of the virtually adopted animal the remaining sponsorhip fee is used by The Foundation to cover the medical expenses of other animals. (Our final residents can only be adopted virtually, so in their case it cannot happen that they find a new owner during the time of your sponsorship. As, however, these residents are mostly old, sick or injured, the possibility of their death must be taken into account.)

Thank you for sponsoring our residents!

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