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Borzi good news!
It looks like that Borzi is a real fighter. The operation went well and without any problem even though it was risky due to her heart condition and her heart worm infection.

Borzi is on the operating table!
Borzi is in surgery as we speak. Her big breast cancer is being removed. She has a serious cardiac arrhythmia problem plus she has dirofilaria immitis (heart worms). Her operation is extra risky but we couldn't put it off any longer...

Goosey deserves to heal!
We have started to worry about one of our goose in the farm yard. One of her eyes became inflammed and went blind. She was wobbly on her feet and she was holding her neck and head at abnormal angle. We have asked our vet Dr. Janó's help who sedated her and examined her.

Tyson and his dental treatment!
Our beloved Tyson had to have dentist treatment yesterday. We have noticed in the last couple of days that something is wrong in his mouth. His usual chow hound behavior has changed. The yummy treats have fallen out of his mouth and he was barking at his bowl which was full with his food.

Bütyök, paralized and alone!
Through the Tündérmajor Animal Protection Association a dog came into our care with and open fracture who was found in a small village called Fony. At first it was thought that he "only" had an open leg fracture but his injury is a lot worse.

Julius and his open leg fracture!
Julius came to our care with an open leg fracture from the city pound of Miskolc. He had so much pain that he wanted to bite everybody's head off. Thanks to the competent team of the Délpest Állatgyógyászati Clinic his pain was lessened and it turned out that Julius is a sweet, cuddly and friendly dog.

Great news from Bullet!
Bullet came into our care at the begining of May and the first information was that he was sprayed in the eyes and his eyes were damaged and went almost blind. Not to mention that the owners didn't take the poor hurting dog to the vet.

Trapéz had to have more examinations
Poor Trapéz had to have another examination. He has to have daily baths because his inflammed, injured hairless body and he also has to take antibiotics.

Good news about Kygo!
After a couple of weeks nerve-racking waiting the result of Kygo's biopsy has arrived. Kygo doesn't have cancer!!!
We were hoping for this result since he is so young and he deserves a long and happy life.

Lizi didn't make it!
Lizi didn't make it... She fell asleep forever peacefully and surrounded by love. There are no words to express our sorrow. A miracle didn't happen this time. 😢😢😢

Puzzle had her surgery!
Our miracle worker vet Dr. Boda has operated on puzzle and put her back together. As you know a car ran over her and she had a lot of serious internal injuries.

Lizi and her GIGANTIC tumor!

This is Lizi and her GIGANTIC tumor. We were in shock becuase we have never seen something huge like this.

Puzzle NEWS!

Puzzle is the young dog who has been broken into pieces. Luckily her condition has been stabilized and...

Mazsola was attacked by other dogs!

Mazsola came from the Befogad-Lak shelter in Törökszentmiklós. He was attacked by other dogs and he was seriously hurt. His tail had to be amputated and it is worrisome that his rectum was injured as well.

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