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Keep your fingers crossed for Püspökfalat
He is our puppy who has a serious case of anal prolapse. When he arrived we immediately took him to the Délpesti Állatgyógyászati Központ és Sebészeti Centrum Clinic where he received treatment but something is still wrong.

Kopott and his ears or the lack of them!
(this statement is a little bit for the reaction to the Central Asian Shepherd dog baby's post on Facebook)
#Kopott, it is hard to say anything.
Kopott was found lying on the side of the road between Kál and Erdőtelek. He was tired, dehydrated, full of lice and fleas.

Another neglected dog!
It has been a tough time for us lately. We had a lot of encounters with cancer and now another one. Textina💔 who is about a thousand years old female dog who was living at an abandoned airport grounds feeding on the trash that were dumped by people there.

Fare well Orca és Pruszlik!
A couple of days ago we have lost Orca and today we have lost Purszlik too.🖤 Two beautiful dogs, sweet, friendly and good souls. They both loved people so much that we are sure they had an owner.

Püspökfalat, our newest sick sweet baby
Püspökfalat was found in Püspökladány on the side of the road. He has anal prolapse and he needed immediate medical attention and of course we couldn't say no.

We can't get used to this!
The owner of these beautiful pair of eyes is Purszlik and we are very worried about her.
She was found in Kál and the Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony has asked for our help. She was found laying on the side of the road in horrible condition.

Szvetter is in good hands now!
We have received a call from the Mancs a Kézben Kutyamentő Foundation in Kiskunhalas that an almost bald dog has been thrown into an old lady's garden and the dog needs help.

Puppy farm eliminated in Karcag!
It has been a shocking day and if I didn't know better I would say that this is a made up story. I actually wish it would be...

Böhöm is in trouble again
Böhöm is in big trouble again! Send prayers and keep your fingers crossed for him!
This giant teddy bear who was found undernourished practically just skin and bones. He was so hungry that he ate everything that he could find like needles, plastic bags, stones...

Konzerv is broken!
Our newest protegé is Konzerv 💔 who came from Verpelét. He was ran over and he is in a bad condition. 😢

Farewell Anika!
“Today I had to say goodbye to my dear old friend, Anika! 💔
This morning she became worse suddenly and her small body couldn't take anymore. We have taken her to the vet immediately...

Palacsinta Majális and her long road to recovery
The owner of these beautiful eyes is called Palacsinta Majáliss. She is hardly 5 months old and she spent most of her life in the hospital... she is there now. 😢

Revolver update!
Revolver was shot multiple times. One of the bullets bounced off of his skull but it ruptured it, his head has swollen and his eye became bloodshot. The other bullet is in his spine in the neck section.

Farewell Tyson!
Everything is different from now on. Our beloved Tyson the grumpy old fellow has reached his end of the road. He never new what it means to be somebody's one and only so we were his family and we were with him in his last minutes.

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