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The baby boom continues
The Szépséges family came from Tiszanána. 1 mother dog and her beautiful 3 about 3 months old babies.

Napocska family
We have received another call from Lyukóvölgy from the Lyukó Tappancsai Állatvédő Association. A mother dog gave birth in somebody's garden a couple of days ago.

The Aba family
The Aba Family 💔😢
They came from Füzesabony with the help of the Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony. The mother dog Aba mama is about 10 months old and her babies about 3-3,5 months old.

Fondű isn't well!
Fondű came into our care from Pápa. He was bitten by another dog and he didn't receive care and by the time he was taken to a vet his wound was infected and his leg started to rot.

Dragon is a Noah miracle
Dragon is a Noah miracle. It is about a dog who was practically bald and now fluffy haired puli.

Fondü is in critical condition
The Pápai Humán Állatvédő Association in Pápa has for our help. A young female dog was attacked by another dog. Her owners didn't take her to the vet for treatment. They just let her wounds get infected and due to the heat it started to rot.

The Gadna family is in need!
We have received a call from Gadna from the Maltese charity about mother dog and her puppies. The mother dog can breastfeed the puppies but she couldn't stand up in the last 24 hours.

We took 6 of our protegés for heart ultrasound because their heartworm test came back positive. Dr Dalma Péterfia specialist examined them. We took Riley, Ramsey, Apostol, Sürgős, Kornéliusz and Dwayne.

Cserkó and his eye operation
Cserko came into our care through the Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony. First he had to fight the parvo disease for 2 weeks and he won.

Kertész update!
He came into our care about a week ago from Szirák. He was hit on the head hard. He sustained serious injuries. One of his eye popped out and his jaw splintered. The team of the Délpesti Állatgyógyászati Központ és Sebészeti Centrum Clinic has fought hard to heal him.

Lótusz is in safety now!
This totally blind Akita like female dog who (judging by her condition) was used as a breeding machine is our newest protegé.

Upsetting 🔞➕ pictures and content!
Our day started out good but turned brutal within minutes.😢 We have received a call from Dr Micsutka, one of the vets in Szirák whom we know because the well-being of animals in the region is very important.

Makkmarci update!
We have been quiet about his condition lately because unfortunately he had other health issues. He brought the horrible disease with him and he became very sick. He didn't eat for days, he also threw up a lot. We were very worried. 😢

Update on Szezám Magocska
It was a week ago that we had to take him away from his mother. He was born in the city pound of szerepi. Unfortunatel by the time he arrived his 4 siblings have died. 😢💔

Pirula was kept on a half meter long chain
Pirula was kept on a half meter long chain and she was skin and bones 😢💔😡
She came into our care with the help of the Pápai Humán Állatvédő Association.

24 dogs and 18 cats were adopted!
Time is flies and it is already May 😮
We would like to tell you that we have rehomed 42 protegé!

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