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Twerk has to make it
This morning we received an extra SOS request for help from the Befogad-lak Animal Welfare Foundation in Törökszentmiklós for a beautiful 8-week-old baby who had an anal prolapse.

Harley asks for help
We'd like to ask for help for our difficult boy, who is now actually a sweet old man ❤️❤️❤️❤️
12 years ago - in 2010 - Harley (formally known as Ramses) was picked up by the police from a dogfighting ring.

Gino is on the road to recovery
For days he lay helpless, two of his hind legs shattered. His body full of air rifle bullets. 💔😪
This sweet cute little boy is standing up on his own and can take a few steps.

Garbó's first surgery
After many hours of plastic surgery on Wednesday, we have had the first bandage change. So far so good 🙏❤️
Look how cute she is with this shaved long giraffe neck.

Update on Garbó's condition
So far, everything seems to be going in the right direction. He will have his first plastic surgery on Wednesday, and we can expect many hours of surgery.

Please help our Lace
She has no hair, her skin is inflamed and sore, she can scratch herself bloody in a second. Her body is covered in flea droppings.

Deer will heal!
He arrived yesterday from Szarvas to the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation. He is in a very rough condition 😢 He was brought to the Stray and Lost Dogs Foundation in Szarvas between the 2 holidays.

Grace news from the bathroom!
The tiny little yorkie girl came into the care of Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation 1 month ago after she ran into a family's garage in a terrible state to seek help.

Bunnies are up for adoption!
Spayed and neutered and vaccinated, they are looking for a new family where they will be cherished for as long as they live.

Say a prayer for Vanda!
She's the sweet, beautiful-eyed old girl who arrived at the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation this weekend from the Illatos út which is the city pound in Budapest.

Remove the curse!
On Luca's day, help find a new owner for the 3-legged protegés of the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation ‼️

This tiny little girl ran into a garage in Isasege yesterday, straight to a tiny little girl like her. The little human girl and her wonderful mum didn't turn their heads in disgust at the terrible state of the dog, but immediately called for help.

We are looking for Verdell's owner!
He was found in Újszilvas yesterday, so he was taken into the care of the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation. Thank you to Nagy Marian and the Tisza Association for not leaving him alone and getting him to our vet extra fast.

We have had a turbulent few days!
Traccs family 💔
These two won't freeze to death in a bloody iron barrel...
Mummy Traccs and her baby are now warm and safe in the care of the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation.

Good news about Rúzs
You remember little Rúzs, who arrived at the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation at the very end of August with a terrible jaw injury. The little girl, then just six months old, had a brutally broken, dislocated jaw. In addition, the injury was no longer fresh, the wound from the licking fractures was infected and pus was oozing from her mouth.

Chaplin NEWS!
Chaplin, our little bow-legged baby, had an orthopaedic check-up with our miracle worker vet Dr Boda. We have to say that just a few days of balanced feeding is already showing, you can see the reduction in the curves.

Chaplin and his crooked leg
Chaplin 💔 that's the name of the little boy!
He arrived at the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation, he is beautiful, very sweet and really tiny. He will soon undergo his first orthopedic check-up, but we have already started his special feeding and de-parasitizing today.

Once again, we took a truckload of dogs which means 7 dogs who have heartworms to the cardiologist Dr. Dalma Péterfia. We regularly take such a large number of dogs for check-ups and still cannot keep up with the number of infected dogs coming in.

Demo, our miracle
At the beginning of September, she came into the care of the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation in a terrible condition, thanks to the Füzesabony Animal Welfare Foundation. His fur was falling out, his skin was hot, inflamed, sore and painful.

Bözsi needs surgery!
Bözsi's leg is broken in several places 💔 She had an unfortunate accident, her leg got stuck between the bars of a bench at her foster home.

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