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We had our first "heartworm day" in 2023

We are past the first "heartworm day" of 2023.This time we were able to take 6 Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation protégés to see cardiologist and heartworm specialist Dr Dalma Peterfia.

My smile is pretty 😀 I'm a beautiful‼️ And together with my new chubby little nose, I wish all my Angels who support me a HAPPY NEW YEAR 🥂

TADA, The nose guard is off!!!
TADA, The nose guard is off 🙏❤️
He is now recovering in the infirmary of the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation. We love thISlittle dachshund's body and sweet, sweet soul 🥰

Luca is home
Advent has begun, a time of waiting, a time of wonder. 🎄💫❤️ we hope that after this difficult year, the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation will not be spared by the NOAH'S MIRACLES 🙏❤️

Lábas needs our help!
Last night, Lábas arrived at the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation from Sarud. He is in the Csipet Csapat Veterinary Centre, undergoing a medical evaluation and examination.

Töpi needs your help!
Töpi is not just a Puli, not just one of the many black haired dogs. Mr. Töpi is a real (national) treasure 🥰

Nagy Sándor's ear had to be operated!
Sanyika had a so-called othematoma on his ear, which was causing his earlobe to swell up and hurt a lot. This problem is usually caused by mechanical effects, such as very strong shaking of the ears.

Csupaszáj update
We have crazy good news‼️ Csupaszáj has a nose again‼️❤️🙏
He's the sweet little dachshund boy who came into the care of Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation last week with a probable bitten off nose.

We can't calm down
We can't calm down. The news is that he and his little buddies have been on the streets for months. Csupaszáj was already seriously injured in the summer... 😢💔

Harmat is in trouble again!
She is the wonderful Rottweiler girl who came to the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation from the city pound of Miskolc with a huge tumour more than 1 year ago.

Nick's knee surgery
You remember our huge and wonderful American Bulldog, who we rescued over 1 year ago. He was abandoned, tied up... I'm sure that anyone who saw the pictures of him at the time will have the image of the forever broken dog giving up on life burned into their retinas for a lifetime...

Our work never ends
This little girl was wandering around in Szany. Her legs were badly injured in an unknown way and she needed medical attention as soon as possible. She received primary care nearby, which continues here in Budapest.

Makaróni is in trouble
Makaróni has babesiosis and is back in hospital at the Csipet Csapat Veterinary Centre. 😢💔

More than 90% of the dogs that come into our care are infected with heartworm‼️!!
We had another "heartworm day". In the last 3 weeks, 9‼️ heartworm positive dogs from all over the country were brought into the care of Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation.

Behemót needs our help
He also had an owner... 😡 Who just owned him and watched this wonderful Dog go to ruin 💔😡
A teenage animal rescue girl noticed the dog who was in poor condition. He was not only skinny and skin sick, but his body was full of abscesses...

Héra update
Hera is out of danger!!! Thank you, you all did a great job cheering him on! 🙏❤️
She is the dog who was run over in Pécel. She was found frozen to death, in shock.

Héra needs help
Our newest protegé, Hera 💔 is fighting for her life at the Csipet Csapat Veterinary Centre. She was found frozen, cold and in shock in Pécel after a car hit her.

Marcella didn't deserve this
Marcella 💔 15 years old, neglected, skinny, blind, full od fleas old lady. 😢😡 One eye is sunken, inflamed due to previous injury, the other is cataracted.

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