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A great rescue operation - or a private note through the eyes of animal rights acitvist.

When we get the first news and pictures about the private animal shelter of an elderly lady in Csongrád, we've been horrified. According to the first information, there are 150 dogs, located on a total of 5 sites. Neither vaccinated nor sterilized. Millions of fleas, worms, treatment rarely, only when really needed.
In one of the pictures there is female dog looking at us sadly, with an enormous tumor. Immediately, we decided: we have to help her and the others immediately.

Füstös or NO to swimming
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As the vet had suggested as part of some kind of hydrotherapy we put Füstös in the car yesterday after work and went to a mine-lake nearby for swimming. Even the start was a bit difficult because at the end of the day Meggyes had already put Füstös back to his place as usual. He has a kennel reserved for him in the hospital. He had his bedtime story and that meant the end of the day for Füstös, he was about to sleep.
So he was pretty confused and let me know on a loud voice that I should have left him alone and that he was not going anywhere. Somehow we made it to the car, we put a harness on him and left.

What's next for Füstös? We have the results of the CT
Our doctors have evaluated the CT results.

We were hoping that the problem can be solved with surgery but unfortunately it is not possible in this case.
But we won't give up. First of all we will talk to other doctors and second of all we will try alternative therapies.

Füsti: the night after CT – footnote from Meggyes:)

All right, basically, I like Füsti very much. Moreover, he is in my Top Three list at the moment. But, it was not that way last night. I had bad thoughts about him. I arrived home at 11:30pm ...


Füstös is a young ’puli’ style male dog who was found on road nr.4 where he was pulling himself on his two front legs.

Lajkó, or the Hope of a Better Life

„It’s not a sin to stay alive when others die next to you. Neither is it a merit. It’s simply a possibility you have to make use of” /Raana Raas/

The Toilet Monster
Our volunteers and older visitors know very well that it's not an easy task to get into the toilet of the shelter. Not because of a long queue standing there – but there are several beings guarding the place, even though these much feared monsters are not harmful germs and bacteria living in or under the bowl. Ot at least, not all of them.

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