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Gáspár, the goose

Gáspár családi kedvenc volt 5 évig, de átvette a hatalmat a család felett, így olyan libaszerető helyet kerestek számára, ahol nem a levesben végzi, szeretik, és tudják kezelni. A NOÉ Állatotthonnál erre jobb helyet keresve sem találhattak volna :)

They are here!!! Felhő's family arrived finally!

With help of the authorities Felhő's family arrived today to Noe Animal shelter. One male and five female, and a little surprise: approximately 1 week old little spotty one.

Ignac the goose, the healer of dogs.

This handsome little guy, sorry gander (most probably) is Ignac. At the first glance he looks just like our other beautiful snow-white muddy blue eyed geese.

Goat or lamb? That is the question….

On the 11th of February a new life has been born and became a protégée of Noe Animal Shelter. This little lamb was born to a very bad place, him Mum was in a very bad shape, and she couldn’t take care about her. Luckily we could rescue him.

Bála Family News

Do you remember the bony and startled-eyed, but still gorgeous dog Bála Bella and her 5 tiny doggies? The soggy and overchilled puppies with the frightened mom arrived 9 days ago. Now we are glad to inform you that they are very well.

Mandala and Kincy were on MOKKA on TV2

Kincy was on the morning show called MOKKA on channel TV2 this morning, with Mandala the thai wondercat. The conversation was about american kids going to cat shelters to read stories, so the cats have company and they feel loved, and the kids can practice reading.

Here we go again, our family became larger again...

Mama Bella is a tiny doggie around 3 years old, weighs about 4kg-s, skin and bones with a 'Sorry I'm alive, I won't even bother'-attitude. Her babies are about 4-5 days old, two light browns, two blacks and one chocolate brown.

Baby Barika has arrived!
Barika was born in the wrong place. Her mother was too thin and could not take care of her baby. Thankfully we were able to take her away from the hell hole and rescue her. She is in bad condition so keep your fingers crossed!

Pepe the skunk passed away

Now we have lost our senior Pepe who has been living with us for more then 6 years; after a serious disease the lymphoma defeated him.

The latest news on Pipetta :)

Dear Angels, here are some of the latest news on the current state of our dog Pipetta!

Pötyi, the begining of a beautiful friendship

As you know NOÉ Pet home is not a temporary host or in some cases the home for dogs and cats but we shelter around 30-35 species...

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