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Blueberry's tragedy

Another injured dog and in need of surgery is in our care. Blueberry came from Füzesabony Animal Protection Foundation. Poor dog has been wandering around in Pétervásár for weeks but then she was still ok. The workers of the foundation were desperately trying to find someone who could take him in from the streets because the tragedy could be guaranteed. It happened and Blueberry was hit by a car. He has a serious head injury and one of his legs is broken.

Elektra, a victim of neglect!

Elektra suffers a serious case of demodicosis, which is a mite infection on the skin. The disease was not treated early on so her whole body is inflamed and has wounds. This sickness is not uncommon. Most of the time there is a reason for it like allergic reaction on the skin (to fleas or food) or the weakening of the immun system because of another disease.

Porcelán Lili's fight with illnesses

A teeny tiny dog in big trouble.
Porcelan Lili (Porcelain in English) got this name on purpose. She is a small and fragile chivava who is very sick. She has more serious illnesses. We are waiting for the last results.


Sárospatak – it is saddening that this wonderful township’s name has welded together with one of the biggest problems in Hungary namely with animal cruelty.
At the dog shelter in Sárosparatak there are about 500 dogs who live their life in sickness, because of the fights between each other they live in stress and in danger.

Totó and his smashed bones

This beautiful Dachshund male is called Toto. He was abandoned near a very busy road and it wasn’t long before tragedy happened. After a couple of days of waiting and wandering around a car hit him and went over him. It was a miracle that he survived. Since he was abandoned nobody rushed to his rescue and nobody took him to the vet. He just sat sadly and in pain because practically every bone in his back part of his body broke. 

Terrence Hill a crow's two broken leg

Terence Hill’s legs were broken and it had to be operated immediately! He is a Hooded Crow nestling who messed up the first flight attempt and broke his legs.

Tia news!

We are looking for a foster home or a permanent owner for her.

She is an amazing pure-bred Rottweiler girl. She was rescued by an Animal Rescue Foundation in February 2016. When they arrived to the place where they were called they were totally shocked. Tia was living on a nearly two meters long chain. The bigger problem was that she didn’t have house and she stood in her own urine and faeces. She was very thin and she had two enormous tumors on her chest.

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