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Laguna’s dirofilaria immitis treatment act 3!

Our wonderful malamut Laguna who has been under treatment against heartworms has received his 2nd and 3rd Immiticide injection. As we told you before this treatment is risky and painfull so he received it in anesthesia.

Batta family saved from death’s door!

Another family saved from death’s door! They are the Batta family with a very loving mother Heni.

Heni has a chip and an „owner” but she still decided to give birth far away from people at a place which is monitored by hunters.

Tejbegríz, what a difference 4 days make!

4 days of love, 4 days of caring, 4 days of security, 4 days of healing = shining and curious eyes and a dog who started to trust again!
Tejbegríz came to us last week in a terrible condition both physically and spritually. One of his front leg is broken.

Kása, another dog in need of help!

Another poor dog who had an owner and that owner let her get to this state. She is Kása a small bichon-westi-poodle like mix white female.

Dirofilaria Immitis strikes again!

Two more of our protégés have tested positive for heart worms. One is Franny she is the protégé of the bulldog rescue and Szemcsi a mops mix who came fromm the shelter in Püspökladány. Franny came from the pound in Jászberény.

Tejbegríz a terrible outcome of an act of a human being

She is Tejbegríz
She had an owner...
Who got rid of her in this terrible state...

Ignác news!

This poor dog was tied to the shelter in Törökszentmiklós in this terrible condition and then he came to be one of our newest protégé...

Worrying about Ignác!

He is Ignác and there are no words for his state. He was tided to the gate of the shelter in Törökszentmiklós couple of days ago. Every inch of skin on his body is imfalmed and has wounds.

Gyáli Gizmó needs a surgery again

Almost exactly two years ago he tore a ligament in his left knee. Than our miracle worker dr. Boda our vet operated his knee using a new technology and Gizmo took it like a champ even though the rehabilitation was long. His knee is as great as it was before the problem.

Sashalmi Alex has health issues again!

Our Beautiful Alex is lying on the operating table. The problem is that on one of his front leg a painful lump appeared about one year ago. The first medical examinations at the time, showed that he has arthritis.

Update on Laguna's first Immiticide treatment

In the next 6 weeks a kennel will be his home and he will only be allowed to go for very small walks to take care of the pressing need to pee and poop. We hope that time will fly by fast and he will heal entirely.

Sayin goodbye to Tigris!

I have to say something but I don’t have the right words to say. We know that we can’t do anything about the passing of time or old age but it is so hard to accept death.

Laguna's first very dangerous Immiticide treatment!

Keep your fingers crossed for our beautiful Malamut Laguna. As you know she has dirofilaria immitis. She in the early stages of the desease that means that the worms are in her lung veins and can’t be seen in the lung artery.

Porcelán Lili made it!!!

Drumrolls please, because we can safely anounce that our teeny tiny Porcelán Lili is healthy!

Pattanás is looking for a new owner!

Our little Pattanás is looking for a family!

News from Hair!

Szőrtelen öreglányunk Hair kezelése elkezdődött.

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