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Pumpkin need help!

This tiny boy was rushed to the Csipet Csapat Veterinary Center yesterday. He arrived in an unconscious state with a long-standing seizure.

Angelin is on the road to recovery....
Angelin had her 1-month check-up today after the major orthopedic cruciate ligament surgery (TPLO) at Dr Boda.

LILLA is 12 years old...and all she wants is a FAMILY...will she get one?
Lilla came to our MiniShelter special project from the Ózd city pound in 2016.
She is an easy learner, although nowadays she prefers a soft sofa and warm words. Not necessarily aware of her physical size, she likes to pretend she is a lapdog, trying to demand attention at all costs.

We would like to see him play on 4 legs
He is the doggy who somehow got injured days ago and instead of a vet, his owner simply tied him up.
His right front leg was almost destroyed. 😭 The entire upper part of his foot, soft tissue, tendon and finger bones are missing.

The dog of the week: Binga
Binga ❤ is a 4 years old, Malinois type, playful, active girl who needs a lot of exercise. Binga needs a sporty and dog-loving owner who has a lot of time, because Binga loves to go for walks and hikes. 🐕🌳

Another tortured soul at the end of a chain. A young, sweet, lovely dog, who despite all this, has complete trust and love for humans... how long will we continue to abuse and torture these wonderful creatures? 🤷‍♀️😡😢

The dog of the day: Scotti

Scotti is a large mixed-breed male born in September 2017, who came to us from the Füzesabony Animal Welfare Foundation. Scotti's story is also full of sadness, he was taken home as a puppy, but now he wasn't needed anymore because he has grown up. The 10-month-old boy was tied to an iron pole without a kennel. Scotti has been living with us for many years and unfortunately he has never been lucky, he has never had a single visitor. Never :(

Angi had her surgery
Dear Angels❣️ It's amazing to receive so many messages of love for #Angelin. 🙏🩷
Our little miracle is out of ligament surgery. She was completely safe in the hands of our miracle worker dr Boda. Thankfully all went well.

Angelin is looking for 40 angels....
Angi came into the care of Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation when she was still a baby, she is beautiful, kind, and she gets along well with all dogs and people.

The dog of the week: Germán
German is not so young German Shepherd, born on 2013.02.01., he was found in Heves and came to our care with the help of Füzesabony Animal Welfare. German has a chip, so we tried to find his original owner.

I'm Frigga, can you help me?!
I am said to be the size of a mountain, but I am a kindhearted, lovely mountain. 🙂
Unfortunately, my eye was damaged at some point. I didn't make a fuss about it at all because I'm made of iron.. thought I.

Fifi and his story
Finest Fifi came to the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation as a baby. He spent one of the most important periods of his life in a kennel behind bars.

Yesterday, the 17th District Police asked for our immediate help in placing a starving puppy.
They responded to a report 🙏 and the sight of the young dog immediately confirmed the possibility of animal neglect.

Töpi is an exemplary patient
Töpi and Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation need your support He had a 150.000 HUF ear surgery this week 😪 We know he's just a black, old, puli... but we love him 🩵🩵🩵🩵

Another round of heartworm examinations
Another heartworm 🪱 day Dr. Péterfia Dalmánál‼️
In the past weeks 6 heartworm ➕ dogs have arrived at the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation.

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