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Icuka our new old lady
Today, the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation received this beautiful old lady Icuka ❤ from the city pound in Budapest.
She is a thousand and one years old, most of her body is bald, breast tumours...

Nova needs surgery
A severely injured puppy from Nyírbogát was taken into the care of the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation. Animal welfare workers in the area asked for help for the boy, who is about six months old.

Somersby and her injured leg.
When my phone rings late at night or in the evening and Dr. Micsutka calls, I know there's a big problem... He's a veterinarian who works in Szirák and always helps animals in trouble, and in many cases rescues them himself.

Trapper is being thoroughly examined
Trapper came to the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation through the Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony. He is visibly suffering from a very serious deformity affecting his bones. His bones are terribly deficient in calcium. X-rays show severe curvature of the limb bones.

Szvetter needs hypoallergenic food!
Hello, I'm Szvetter, one of the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation's cuties ❤ I came to the shelter almost exactly 1 year ago, skinny, completely bald, with scars all over my body, everything was very inflamed and hurting. I had a very, very long struggle with my illness.

Every life counts!
Farm animals are rarely mentioned, even though they can get sick or injured. At the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation, everyone, regardless of breed, receives the highest level of medical care.

Events around mother Holle have accelerated
Events around mother Holle have accelerated 💔
She is the thousand year old little old girl who came to the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation from Illatos út, in a very - very bad condition. 😭

No words are necessary!
Nick is looking for a new home!

Adoration and heartbreak at the same time...
There is adoration and heartbreak at the same time... The Animal Protection Guard Service of the Metropolitan Municipal Police Directorate (Illatos út) asked for our help for this tiny doggy in a terrible condition, weighing only 2.5kg.

Barbi is looking for a forever home
The pathology results from the amputated leg of our Barbi ❤ puppy have arrived. We knew from the preliminary sampling that the process was malignant, as that is why her entire leg had to be radically amputated,

Rúzs and her horrible injury!
She was rescued from Pilis by the Gyömrő Dog Shelter 🙏 and was taken into the care of the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation. She has no chip, of course the locals don't know anything about her...

A true NOAH miracle !
I don't think I will ever forget the 20th of August this year! Not because of the programs for the founding anniversary! For us at the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation, it was an unforgettable day for another reason! It all started on January 1, 2020!

Grandma Turca
Please, keep your fingers crossed again and this time for a dog who has been in our care for 12 years. ❤️
She is now over 13 years old and she was the leader of our guard dogs. She retired a while back and now she is the babysitter of our ducks.

Barbi's new begining
She is beautiful, sweet and sick.😪 She had an owner and she thought she had a family but now that she is sick she was given up 💔😪

Harmat needs your prayers!
Our newest protegé came into our care with the help of MME Foundation in Miskolc. They have contacted us about a dog came into the city pound with a huge tumor on one of her teats.

Nick is in safety

BIgger then a miracle
Even though if a case seems hopeless we go into it with the mindset that we must succeed!! There are times we feel that a miracle won't be enough and that is how we felt with Makkmarci.

The Szabolcsi family
Szabolcsi family,
and they are the last ones that we were able to take in because we are full. They came from a city pound with the help of PCAS.

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