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Laguna, the light at the end of tunnel!

When we talked about White’s treatment then Laguna’s name often came up. Our beautiful dog had his 3rd immiticide treatment and he is counting the days when he can leave his confinement to quarters.

The broken boned department of Noah animal home checks in!

Mozaik and Tücske are still in the Clinic of Dr. Boda getting treatment. Mozaik’s broken leg needs to be checked every day, has to be rebandaged everday and has to get medication everyday against infection.

White had his first immiticide treatment

White is at home with us in the animal home. He is a bit groggy from anesthesia but he is already waging his tail and doing good

White and his first dirofilaria immitis treatment

Dirofilaria immitis is not an urban legend or that it only happens in far away exotic places. It is here in Hungary and it is making dogs sick. Treatment is risky, painful and expensive. Prevention is the only way to go! Protect your dog!

Tücske's ordeal!

When yesterday morning our miracle worker vet called us and sad that „the car ran over the dog” then we knew that means big problems...

Mozaik had surgery!

This young and beautiful belgian shepherd mix female came to our care on the weekend. Probably she was ran over by a car which left her with a broken left hind leg. She has an open wound and a splintery fracture. She is at the vet’s clinic receiving treatment.

Small Lilibell’s big operation

Lilibell is one of our oldest dog who needs a new home. Her owner died and she almost died of sadness as well. She didn’t eat or drink for a couple of days and she just looked on with sad eyes and did nothing. With our love and care she is starting to understand that all is not lost. She started to open up to us and started to trust us.

Tejbegríz’s last month

Tejbegríz was in a horrible condition when she came to us about a month ago. She was in critical state due to an untreated wound. She had high fever and was apathetic. Her front right leg broke long time ago and that went untreated as well so now it is useless. As you can see on the picture the bones were not aligned together and they healed crookedly, the other problem is that some bones have absorbed so there is nothing to do other then amputate the leg.

Kebel and her puppies are in safety now!

Another dog family with a sad story came to our animal home. We have been hearing about an abandoned mama dog and hear loud crying puppies. When we were informed of the adress in Pilis it was oddly familiar and we checked and we have rescued 5 dogs from this same place with the help of authorities.

Rufus is out of surgery!

It looks like we have won the first fight but the war is far from over. Our miracle worker vet Dr. Boda has worked on him for 3 hours. The big tumor has grown on his windpipe and around the nerves and he had to go slowly from milimeter to milimeter to remove the 600g tumor.

Rufus is very sick!

Rufus our big teddy bear is well known because most of you who visited our Noah’s animal home have seen him and his sister near the entrance where they safeguard the storage unit and wood shed. They are two giants who love to cuddle but if danger approaches then they are fearles protective giants.

The transormation of Ignác!

Drumrolls please! Just take a look at what a difference 1 month of treatment, caring a love can do...

Laguna’s dirofilaria immitis treatment act 3!

Our wonderful malamut Laguna who has been under treatment against heartworms has received his 2nd and 3rd Immiticide injection. As we told you before this treatment is risky and painfull so he received it in anesthesia.

Batta family saved from death’s door!

Another family saved from death’s door! They are the Batta family with a very loving mother Heni.

Heni has a chip and an „owner” but she still decided to give birth far away from people at a place which is monitored by hunters.

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