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Itty bitty little dog in big big trouble!

The call came from the Animal rescue Association in Kisújszállás asking to help and itty bitty little 6-7 week old dog who is sick, dehydrated and has an abscess on his face. His rightful place would be at his mother’s side having a happy puppy life and instead he was just deposited in a garden where he was found.

Dirofilaria immitis has arrived! :(

Dirofilaria immitis
For a long time it was a “heard about it” kind of thing from far away places but now it has reached our little country as well. The only protection against it is PREVENTION!

Magnusz's big surgery!

Angels! Keep your fingers crossed for our Magnusz. He is the blind Pekinese who was found in our district (Budapest, 17th) and was taken to city pound first and then came to us. At first sight it was obvious that he wasn’t simply blind but something is very wrong with his eyes. He is bug-eyed and they looked bloodshot. We immediately thought that he has glaucoma and unfortunately the eye specialist confirmed it.

New Gyárfás news with a MIRACLE!

The little guy has thought he had enough sitting on his fanny and stood up! He doesn’t care that one of his side and ankle is broken and his other side was operated on and lost 2 of his toes. He wants to heal and walk!

Another broken boned dog, Ulrik!

Another broken boned dog on the operating table.
Totó – pelvis, hip, spine and thigh bone, Blueberry – head injury, front leg broken in multiple places, Gyárfás – pelvis, hip, spine, thigh bone, ankle broken, 2 toes amputated and soft tissue injuries. These injured dogs came to our shelter in the last month and now we have another one, Ulrik.

Gyárfás News!

Gyárfás News!

Our little broken boned sweetheart had his first surgery. Our miracle worker Dr. Boda started to put the “bone puzzle” pieces together. As we told you Gyárfás was ran over by a car and practically from waist down every bone in his body broke and even the soft tissues were damaged. He was flyblown and the maggots were eating his flesh. Incredible anguish for this little guy but Gyárfás wants to LIVE!

Gyárfás - ran over and broken

There is big trouble – WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Ran over, broken, eaten by worms but he wants to live - LOOK INTO HIS EYES AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND!
Gyárfás was ran over in the Hajdúság about 180km from Budapest. Totally broken, with huge pains and probably being scared, helpless, unable to move. A lot of people have tried to call help for him but nobody helped.

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