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Zseni has to have another operation!

You all probably know the ordeal that Zseni Miskolci went through and unfortunately we don't have any good news about his condition. We are full of worries. He came to us from the city pound in Miskolc. He was in a lot of pain and was peeing blood.

OMG, not again!

It looks like that we are called about a horror story every day. In the middle of the winter animal lovers found this almost bald dog. The poor dog's house was a steel barrel, he was chained to a short leash and he was hardly given food or water.

Sole has new health issues!

Poor Sole has difficulty healing from dirofilaria immitis and now he has other issues as well. On one of his toes he had a wound which was treated but despite the antibiotics and the sugar bandage the wound didn't heal so the possibility is that he has cancer.

The dirofilaria Immitis saga continues!

Today we took our 4 protegés to Dr. Dalma Péterfia cardiologist and heartworm specialist and we came home with mixed emotions.

Another gruesome animal cruelty case victim is in our care!

Jankó was found on Sunday 14th January, 2018 in a village called Kisterenye. He was found tied in a bag and he had a serious head injury, he was hit on the head with an axe.

Zseni is making little progress :(

When Zseni came from the city pound of Miskolc to us he was at death door. He had a fever, peed blood, had a lot of pain and had prostate cancer.

Viktória Váratlan and her struggles

Viki and her brothers, sisters and mother came from the city pound in Edelény. The puppies were only couple of hours old...

Jeges is in surgery!

In Megyaszón in Borsod county a dog was found who was in a bad condition. She had vaginal prolapse and as you can see on the pictures it was quite serious. The animal rescue groups in the region started to reach out for help...

Grandpa Lipót is sick!

And we are worried about someone again. Grandpa Lipót needs your healing powers. Poor dog was found about 1 month ago running between the cars in Jakabszállás. He was practically blind and he had other health issues but he was doing okay. Than on the weekend...

Zseni the teddy bear has arrived!

Another dog who's life was in danger came to our animal home. Zseni an older mix male dog was in the city pound of Miskolc and Miskolc Second Chance Foundation asked for our help because Zseni is very sick.

Update on Baby Vásár's condition

What we suspected was true. Vásár's leg is broken. We have good news though that his heavy breathing has stopped. It was probably from the shock. His lungs are clear and are not collapsed.

Bia is in big trouble!

Bia came to our animal home about 7 years ago from a horroristic shelter in Tengelic. Nobody wanted to adopt her through the years. She is shy and she is not the kind that draws attention to herself because of that.

Life goes on with 3 legs!

We have received a call from the Befogad-Lak Animal Rescue Foundation in Törökszentmiklós about a dog who was attacked by another. Of course we couldn't say no and we took her to our miracle worker vet Dr. Boda's Clinic ...

Three little heartaches!

These barely 6 weeks old 3 puppies were found next to their 3 siblings. These survivors are not healthy at all. One of the puppies's legs has been cut off.

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