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Little Sonja and her broken bones
Our newest young protegé is Sonja. We have received a call from Dr. Niki Sándor a vet in Bátonyterenye whom we know because she helps a lot of stray animals.

Blöff is waiting for a Christmas miracle!
My name is Blöff and I have been waiting for you for a long time. The girls here say that you will come for me and I believe them.

Lucy Sziráki and her cool glasses :)
Here is a snapshot from Lucy Sziráki's life at the Délppesti Állatgyógyászati Központ és Sebészeti Centrum Clinic.
Her wounds and her operated leg is being treated with laser therapy every day.

Our ever growing family!
This year we had a rough and sad start. A few families that came into our care had the parvo disease. We know it is in the cards but it was hard to live through it. We have lost a few babies along the way and we realized that we had to make a decision...

Lucy Sziráki and her shocking story
Lucy Sziráki, she was ran over by a car, mauled by a dog and she lay in her own blood for days in the cold weather...

Galagonya and her growing fur!
Galagonya is a sweet, funny dog who likes to play and she is hungry all the time. These are things that we didn't know about her a couple of weeks ago.

Lábibi is back at the animal home!
Lábibi is continuing her recovery at the animal home. We have to take her bact to the vet every two days for treatment. Her wounds are healing but she is not out of the woods yet.

Sárga/Castro, our old protegé and his troubles
We have been worrying all day long because our old protegé Sárga (Castro) went under the knife today. Sárga whom we call Castro at the home has been with us for 3,5 years. The authorities took him from his owner because he was kept under horrible condition. It even showed on his mistrustful behaviour that he didn't receive too much good in his life.

Lunita and her ostrich size bladder stone...
Not so long ago we have received a call through the Illatos út city pound in Budapest from the 16th district Mayor's office that one of our protegé's (Lunita's) owner has died. There are no heirs so Lunita came back to us. Fortunately one of our collegaues decided to foster her and she took her home.

Lábibi and her injured toes
Our newest prtegé is Lábibi who has a couple of serious injuries. The Szurkolók az állatkínzás ellen group has received a call from Salgótarján and they didn't hesitate and went to pick her up on the same day.

Here we go again...
Another dog with a bale string grown into his neck. He is hardly 4-5 months old but he has been through hell. He was found in a village called Lyukóvölgy and taken to the city pound of Miskolc. His neck stank and it was pus-filled. We don't understand. We keep telling people: You don't have to keep an animal!

Our hairy little Pertli
We have received a call for help on the weekend. A dog in Rudabánya was wondering around for a while with a hay wire or a metal chain around his neck which must have been there for a while because it was grown into his neck.

Galagonya is out of the hospital!
Galagonya ❤️ came out of the hospital and now recuparating in our animal home's hospital ward. Slowly but surely she is making progress.

The ups and downs of Galagonya
We are making headway slowly. Two steps forward then one step back. The vets and us have been fighting for him for 2 weeks. The neurological symptoms seem to be gone but she still doesn't want to communicate with us.

Kripton and his 2 broken leg
The Vahur Animal Protection Association in Ajka has asked for our help. Kripton was found at the Szajki lake by wanderers. They saw that he had bandages around his legs. They didn't let him wonder around alone an they took him a vet where he was examined.

Gödi Fay went for an ultrasound
One of the Corgie girl who came from the puppy farm in Göd had to have a heart ultrasound because her heart worm quick test came back positive. Almost all of the 80 rescued dogs from this puppy farm have the same problem

Little Emese
This black little beauty was brought to a Vet's Clinic in the 21st district in Budapest. She was ran over by a car and 2 of her legs broke and one has severly damaged.

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