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Odd news about Gúnya!
This small 13 year old dog came to us 10 days ago. He stank, his full was stuck together on him like an armor and underneath of it his skin was rotting. He was full of fleas and worms.

Gúnya and his sad eyes!
His name is Gúnya and he was found in a village called Tállya. He is in a horrible condition and the pictures speak for themselves. His small body was full of fleas and they sucked him dry.

Bőrke went for a check up!
Bőrke went to have a check up at the Délpesti Állatgyógyászati Központ és Sebészeti Centrum Clinic. Dr. Gabriella Rózsa examined her and her condition is getting better althoug her skin is still in bad shape.

Our newest cutie Galina!
This little old cutie whose name is Galina was found near Ózd. As soon as we saw her she charmed us. ❤️ Her fragile frame, her filmy but friendly eyes, her bad teeth, her foul breath and her good nature is irresistable.

Our bald little girl Bőrke

We have another bald girl in our care. No, she is not the bald kind of breed she is in this condition because her owner didn't take her to the vet.

Merlot is healing and has fur again!
Merlot came into our care about one month ago in a horrible condition. Remember he was given up by his owner in this condition...

Medál and her chains
We can't comprehend that why was this 8 kg heavy Pekinese mix female dog had a tight chain in her neck which grew into her neck. She has asked for help in the 18 district in a flower shop.

Baby Alfonz
We have seen his picture in a post where people asked for help for this 3 months old dog. He was wondering at the outskirts of Arló at a time when we had lot of storms in the area.

Our beautiful little Akác!
This hardly 10 weeks old puppy has been through a lot in her short life. The Füzesabonyi Állatvédő Foundation has asked for our help. She has huge and deep wound on her neck which was not fresh and it became infected.

Our heart broke again!
😪 Merlot came from Sopron in a terrible condition. He is at our vet's clinic and being thoroughly examined. One thing is for sure that he is still mad at the world and mostly at people. We are not surprised at all...

Boti has only 3 legs but he is alive!
Hello everyone!

My name is Boti and boy do I have a story for you!

I must admit I had a bad run in the last months but it seems it is coming to an end. My leg hurt pretty bad and I thought that was it for me...

Majális is in between life and death!
Her name is Majális💔 who was thrown out into a bush in Miskolc.... to die 😪😡💔 The Second Chance Foundation in Miskolc has asked for our help. After a quick organization she arrived at our vet in 3 hours.

Our little girl Bunny!
This little "sorry that i am alive attitude" Bunny was found at an abandoned farm in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. We were told that she is pregnant and has a broken leg.

Boti is not doing well
Boti is not doing well. 😢 The open fracture wound is very old. The sepsis is an advanced stage, it smells really bad and his leg is swollen. Besides this health issue he is very thin, full of fleas and ticks.

Looking for 350 GOOD PEOPLE!
Look into these beautiful black eyes. Her name is Break and she is a typical black mix dog. She is very friendly, gives lots of kisses and loves to cuddle kind of black dog whose legs are broken. 3 of her legs broke in 4 differend places.

Melissa and her successful surgery!
As we thought the heartworms took over the body of Melissa. She had fluid in her abdominal cavity which was caused by the the worms.

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