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Farewell Anika!
“Today I had to say goodbye to my dear old friend, Anika! 💔
This morning she became worse suddenly and her small body couldn't take anymore. We have taken her to the vet immediately...

Palacsinta Majális and her long road to recovery
The owner of these beautiful eyes is called Palacsinta Majáliss. She is hardly 5 months old and she spent most of her life in the hospital... she is there now. 😢

Revolver update!
Revolver was shot multiple times. One of the bullets bounced off of his skull but it ruptured it, his head has swollen and his eye became bloodshot. The other bullet is in his spine in the neck section.

Farewell Tyson!
Everything is different from now on. Our beloved Tyson the grumpy old fellow has reached his end of the road. He never new what it means to be somebody's one and only so we were his family and we were with him in his last minutes.

Keep your fingers crossed for Revolver!
Revolver 💔 was shot multiple times and now he is almost totally paralysed...
The Befogad-lak Foundation in Törökszentmiklós has asked for our help for an injured dog.

A lot of you have asked information about how our Noah's Ark animal home operates and when are we open in light of the COVID-19 virus.

Fuksz has won the fight against distemper!
🍾We have been waitnig for 19 long months for this news! Fuksz has won the fight against distemper!🍾

He came into our care in the last days of 2018.

Ocra and his face
He was captured by the city pound of Sátoraljaújhely and with the help of Andi Balázs his transport was organised and he came into our care.
We were hopeful that his face was swollen because he was bitten, stung, cut and that he would heal...

Mignon is doing a bit better!
Her condition has improved. She is getting such a special intensive care at the Délpesti Állatgyógyászati Központ és Sebészeti Centrum Clinic that the assistants don't leave her alone for a minute.

Nyakita news!
- Hi Nyaki, how are you?
- Hi doctor Betti, much better!
- I am glad, this colour suits you well!
- Thanks doc, for saving my life again❣️

Mignon is fighting for her life!
Her name is Mignon and she is hardly 6 weeks old. She was born in a puppy farm and a family bought her.... now she is in the vet clinic fighting for her life. 😢💔😡

Nyakita is in trouble again!
You might remember Nyakita who came into our care in April, 2020. A string has grown into her neck which started to choke her, the wound became ichorous and her head became oedematous.

Porcukor, our newest elderly protegé
Lot of dogs came into our care today. An older Bernese Mountain dog like dog, 2 complete dog family and Porcukor.
The Befogad-lak Animal Protection Foundation in Törökszentmiklós has asked for our help. This elderly dog is in a horrible shape.

Pecsvörk's second chance
Can you imagine that a dog can't leave a flat that stinks, dirty and fool trash? Can you imagine that the sun can't shine on her, her feet can never touch grass, she can't play with other dogs and noone pets her.

Lencsilány, Noah's miracle
Lencsilány 7th of July, 2020 vs 3rd of August, 2020. Almost a month has passed and a miracle has happened. With the help of our vets, medications, treatments, daily baths, with love ...

Panna Pöttöm's first surgery
Panna Pöttöm came into our care at the end of April, 2020. She was in terrible condition. She hardly had any fur, her skin was inflammed and purulent.

Joining forces again
There are cases that go on forever. Our general experience is that the proceedings by the authorities can only go smoothly if a civil organisation is involved. If not then it gets stuck often or doesn't even start and the animals are euthanized.

Weekend horror
We have received a call late Sunday afternoon from the Kutyások a XV. kerületért Állatvédő Association asking for our help taking in 5 dogs and a goat who were found tied in sacks on the open bed of a truck.

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