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Tejföl witll be white furred again!
Our newest protegé is Tejföl 💔. This hardly 1 year old dog came from the city pound of Miskolc.

Joining forces always helps
Joining forces always helps but sometimes it comes too late. 😢 A cry for help has reached an animal rescue group. In a small village in Pest county there is a house with a small terrace where someone keeps 20 dogs.

Nyakita and her injured neck!
Nyakita 💔😢 our newest protegé had an emergency surgery! She came into our care last night from Csány. She looks like a pure bred German Shepherd dog who was found with a string grown into her neck.

Good bye George and Dario!
Instead of a sunny open day we had a dark and sad saturday.😪💔🖤

Mogyoró news!
After spending 2 weeks in intensive care unit Mogyoró is not out of the woods. As you remember he was almost cut in half with a sword in 2018 and thankfully he recovered from that.

Souvenir news!
As you know this 3 months old puppy was found in Isaszeg last week. She has an Y brake on her right front leg.

Lédi has to live!
We can't stop... She is Lédi, 14 years old and she was ran over by a car. Animal lovers picked her up from the gutter and took her to Budapest. They had no plan or solution but they wanted to help.

Another broken dog
Another puppy came into our care with broken bones and we gave her the name Souvenir. This beautiful 3 months old girl was found in Isaszeg.

The show must go on...
Last week we took 5 of our protegés to Dr. Dalma Péterfia the heart worm specialist and we have received bad news 😢

Haemobartonellosis, the newest disease
We have two of our protegés that have Haemobartonellosis. Camel who was a stray dog who lived on a dump and Mogyoró who was cut in half with a samurai sword.

We are shocked...
The city pound of Budapest that we just call Illatos út has asked for our help. A small dog was found in the 11th district in horrible condition.

Miszlik and his pain
We have received a call from the Second Chance Animal Protection Foundation in Miskolc that at the city pound there is a seriously injured dog who was most likely ran over.

Dara has to have another operation!
Dara has to has to have a 3rd surgery because of her rectal prolapse. Keep your fingers crossed for her. 🤞🤞🤞

A shocking story!
Last November a mother dog and her 4 puppies came into our care from Isaszeg. The babies were about 5 weeks old and we gave them the name Kaspó Family. The owner of the mother dog has died and she became an orphan and a local animal rescue group has asked for our help. We knew that one of the puppies has "disappeared"...

Sop update!
Sop's castration surgery was on Tuesday morning but he is still not doing well. After numerous examinations and tests we have decided with the medical team that it is necessary to take the risk...

An era has ended!
An era has ended in the life of the Noah Animal Home Foundation... Suzy our red deer has passed. 😞🌈

Dara news!
The lab results came back and showed that she is extremely anaemic. She had a second surgery and we are hoping that her rectal prolapse will not return again...

Dara and her problems
And here we go again...
A dog who had an owner but kept her on a chain, looked on when she started to loose weight and get sick...
She comes from a village called Alattya and she was "lucky" because one of the neighbors couldn't look the other way and has asked for help.

Csészi is looking for a family!
It has been a long time since we have updated you on Csészi's condition. The reason for that is that not only she had a broken skull but she came down with the dreaded parvo disease.

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