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Another miracle!
Are you ready for another Noah MIRACLE! Then check this out!

Keep your fingers crossed for Barbamami!
Barbamami was a happy and HAPPY dog and we were looking for a family for her... but everything has changed. 😢 Last weekend from one minute to the other her condition has started to deteriorate and it became so bad that she was howling in pain.

Kiku and her life saving operation!
Kiku had a life saving operation!
She is a young akita like dog who was kept on a short chain. An organized rescue operation took place and she came into our care.

Sylvi is getting better
Sylvi ❤️ look how beautiful her face is. Because of the wounds you couldn't see her beautiful face and eyes.

Parvovirus again...
4 puppies came into our care. They were thrown out at a dump site in Verpelét. One of them was sick when they were found so he was immediately taken to the Juhász Clinic and the team is fighting for his life.

We can smile now
We have to put up the 🔞➕ picture because of the pictures but for the first time we are happy and we are smiling. At first sight the pictures are upsetting but you can see that Sylvi's head is healing.

Despacito and Fonsi are not well!
The Tetovált Állatmentők Állatvédelmi Association has received a call about an old lady in Borsod county. She was taken to the hospital and she will not come home again. In her garden there were a lot of dogs left who were living in horrible condition

Warning! Shocking picture!
Warning! 🔞➕ Shocking pics‼️ Unfortunately that's the only kind we have. 😢💔😡
She was found in Délegyháza tied to a tree. The string was so tightly bound to her neck that her face became very swollen. All over her body and face were marks of abuse...
We are in shock. 😢💔😢💔

Kiku is about a 6 month old akita mix female dog who was kept in horrible condition. She was freed with a couple of her buddies from a village called Nyársapáti with the help of the Szurkolók az állatkínzás ellen group. She came into our care and she needed medical attention right away.

Apród and Előd
Two very sick babies came into our car with the help of the Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony.

The girls from the foundation went to Kömlő for dog with skin disease but at the end they left with 5. They were all kept in horrible condition and they came from different parts of the village.

Zongora is in shock!

We have received a call from the 17th district that a dog was hit by a car and is bleeding heavily and is in serious condition. The car that hit had stopped and the driver tried to help him. We went to help immediately.

Double or nothing!
Vért and Jácintka broke their leg in two places 😢
Vért broke his two front legs one was an open fractured, Jácintka broke her 2 hind legs and one of her paw was damaged. 😢

Jácintka and her big double surgery!
Jácintka💔 with her 2 broken legs had her first big double surgery. Our miracle worker and puzzle enthusiast has put her legs back together.

Jácintka and her 2 broken legs
Jácintka💔😢 this sweet little baby is in great danger!
A vet in Győr has asked for our help. She was taken to the vet. She didn't have a chip in her but she had two broken legs.

Somebody denies it, somebody admits it but one thing is for sure it is every animal protection group's nightmare and it we can't get rid of it. It is part of our animal home's life and we wish it weren't so.

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