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An extra helping "hand" in a form of Burgimmune Premium Immunestrengthening powder
The Burgimmune Prémium Immunerősítő Kombináció powder is immune strengthener in powder form that helped the thousand years old Textina to get into this great shape. She is doing well after having a big breast cancer removal surgery and she also has dirofilária immitis.

Keep your fingers crossed!!
Utca family 💔
They are not too well yet but they are together in warmth, they are being fed and they received treatment.❣️

We went for heart ultrasound!
Today we took 6 of our protegés for heart ultrasound because their heart worm test came back positive. Our specialist Dr Dalma Péterfia did the ultrasound. Today Lizinka, Lorna, Nolan, Aladár mama, Patrik and Habpatron were examined. Some of the news are good and some are bad.

Noir, another broken legged dog
Our newest broken legged protegé came into our care from Miskolc from the Második Esély Állatvédő Foundation. We have received a call from them about a dog that they found.

Hullahopp is free of her chains
Christmas time is here but taking a break is not possible.😢 This poor dog was spotted in Mezőtárkány. Her chain was grown into her waist and stomach. This kind of thing doesn't happen overnight.

Kelme, lost and found!
Kelme came from Borsod county into our care. It is hard to guess what kind of dog she is because she is in such a bad shape. She has a chip and she is 9 years old.

There are no words for human maleficence
We have received a broken-hearted phonecall on Sunday afternoon. A dog was found in horrible condition on the side of the road near Abádszalók.

Jorge news!
This little dog came from the city pound of Etyek. He had a serious head trauma in which he lost one of his eyes and became blind on the other one. 😢

Racing against time
Sárgaborsó was hit by a car and he is paralyzed...
The Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony has asked for our help and of course we couldn't say no.

Jorge and his eyes
On Friday late afternoon we have received a message with shocking pictures from the city pound of Etyek. We have contacted them immediately and said yes.

Whity our airy-fairy dog
Have you ever seen an airy-fairy like dog? We have such a miracle in our care. She is Whity and she is about 3-4 months old. She was thrown over a fence in Mezőkövesd and we were called in to help because her leg broke big time.

Monológ was in great danger
Monológ 💔 came from the city pound of Miskolc. She has a bad case of vaginal prolapse. It is a serious condition but when we saw the pictures it went beyond our wildest dreams.

Cibere update!
He came from Törökszentmiklós into our care. What we know about him is thatt his "owner" was found. He even told us that the old fracture was caused by him when he ran him over with his car by accident...

Smugglers were caught again!
The business of selling puppies are going strong because Christmas is coming. The smuglers go to great length to make a lot of money on the expenses of the animals.

Estelle is the newest protegé of Noah's Ark Animal Home. She is 10 years old and she is an American Bulldog like female dog who came to us from the city pound of Ózd.

Bellissima will be happy again!
Bellissima 💔 came from a puppy farm where she was used and abused and when she became unusable then she was thrown out like trash. 😢😡

Cibere is broken
Cibere is our newest protegé and he is broken at a lot of places. The Befogad-Lak Animal Protection Foundation in Törökszentmiklós has called us about a dog who was seriously injured.

Fare well Kordon!
He became tired and we let him go 💔 Kordon went peacefully over to the other side.

Pilács is blind and broken!
Pilács 💔 came into our care from the city pound of Kunhegyes. He was bloody, broken and blind. His blindnes was not new. He wondered away from where he was kept and probably he was hit by a car.

Update on Dragon!
Dragon was found in Törökszentmiklós and was rescued by the Befoad-Lak Foundation. He was almost hairless. He didn't have a chip in him and his former owner didn't look for him.

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