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Pecsvörk's second chance
Can you imagine that a dog can't leave a flat that stinks, dirty and fool trash? Can you imagine that the sun can't shine on her, her feet can never touch grass, she can't play with other dogs and noone pets her.

Lencsilány, Noah's miracle
Lencsilány 7th of July, 2020 vs 3rd of August, 2020. Almost a month has passed and a miracle has happened. With the help of our vets, medications, treatments, daily baths, with love ...

Panna Pöttöm's first surgery
Panna Pöttöm came into our care at the end of April, 2020. She was in terrible condition. She hardly had any fur, her skin was inflammed and purulent.

Joining forces again
There are cases that go on forever. Our general experience is that the proceedings by the authorities can only go smoothly if a civil organisation is involved. If not then it gets stuck often or doesn't even start and the animals are euthanized.

Weekend horror
We have received a call late Sunday afternoon from the Kutyások a XV. kerületért Állatvédő Association asking for our help taking in 5 dogs and a goat who were found tied in sacks on the open bed of a truck.

Böhöm and his life threathening condition
Böhöm 💔 came into our care from the Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony. He was found in a ditch and he couldn't stand up. He was skin and bones.

Dara's heartworm removal surgery in pictures!
We have very INTERESTING and EDUCATIONAL pictures of the heartworm removal surgery that Dara had. Dr. Dalma Péterfia was able to remove 5 big worms.

Our heart breaks for Lencsilány!
Let us introduce to you our newest protegé Lencsilány. She is just a baby but she already has been through hell. She is so thin and week that she can hardly stand. Her whole body is inflammed...

Anika's first surgery
Anika had her first surgery! This sweet little old lady is now free of the biggest tumors on her left side. She is doing well and she rests a lot.

Homeless news!
Our Homeless had an emergency spinal operation by our miracle worker Dr. Boda. He fixed the slipped disk but saw the spinal cord problem. He explained the the spinal cord fluid has shrunk which tells us that the injury was not fresh.

Anika news!
It is exactly what we thought unfortunately... a huge ulcerous tumor and hernias. Her left eye has shrunk and she probably doesn't see with it...

Another day and another case
It is really shocking that we hear and encounter a horror story practically every day. This sweet old lady in my hand whom we named Anika was found today in the busy area of the 17th district in Budapest.

Homeless news!
We had to put things in motion and fast for Homeless because of his paralysis every second counts. The MRI test was done today at the VetScan Kisállat Diagnosztika Clinic.

Great news about Ciabatta!
This little dow who was ran over by a truck in Cibakháza and nobody helped him for hours. Whose leg broke and his lower back wasn't moving ...

Homeless, no time to waste
Homeless was found on the streets paralyzed. There is no time to waste for the owner because the more time goes by the less of a chance he has to stand again

Good bye dear Sacher!
We have fought hard but the help came too late. Crippled, maggots under your skin and because of the heartworms you didn't stand a chance.

Pull for little Ciabatta!
His life has hardly started but he has already been thrown out to the streets and car ran over him. Lots of people just walked by him unconcerned and left him to his own devices.💔😢😡

Sacher and the maggots
Sacher had an owner... he got old and now he is sick, maggots are eating him alive.... and our vets are fighting for his life 😢😡

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