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People joined forces for Peet and he is in safety now!

He is an 11 month old bullterrier like male who had an owner and he was kept like you see on the pictures. He was kept like trash, on a 1 meter long chain in Budapest in the 17th district. He is now in our care and he was taken to the vet immediately.

Mozaik, on the road to recovery!

She is in the next phase of her recovery. This wonderful dog lay helplessly in a ditch on the side of the road. She had a broken leg and an open wound which was infected. High fever, festering leg and danger. Thanks to the Délpesti Állatgyógyászati központ and Sebészeti Centrum vet clinic’s conscientious team and our miracle worker Dr. Boda’s expertise Mozaik was stabilized and operated on.

Nelson’s eye has been removed!

Thank you for all your worry, and keeping you fingers crossed for Nelson. His eye has been removed. It was not easy but he came to nicely from the anesthesia.

Nelson’s eye is beyond recovery

Another poor dog has came to our animal home. Nelson came from the dog pound in Pápa. He was found with a seriously wounded eye. Just looking at it makes my eye hurt.

Matuka’s broken leg

He just turned 1 not long ago but he spent most of his time on the streets and not in safety. According to our source he has an owner and a home too…

Lives sealed in a bag

These three 5 weeks old puppies were found on the weekend in a closed bag at the entrance of the M0 ring. It was pure luck that a boy saw from the car that the bag was moving and his parents stopped to check it out. If the puppies stayed in the bag they would have froze to death. If they gotten out of it they would have been ran over on the busy intersection.

Sál, a dog with a cut throat

The call for help came from the Civil állatvédők in Dunaharaszti for a dog with serious wounds. He has deep cuts around his neck. We all knew what this means because we have seen it often enough.

White’s second immiticide injection

It is surprising but 1 month has passed since White had her first heart worm treatment. Today and tomorrow she will have his two most difficult days because in 48 hours she will get 2 Immiticide injection which has arsenic in them. She is lying on the operating table because she will get the injection in anesthesia.

Budoár news!

A lot of you were asking about little Budoár and we thank you for the concern. We can inform you of a positive change now. her eyes are shining, she is showing interest in the world around her and take a look at her! Her skin is looking much better.

Tücske had a check up at the Clinic!

Tücske baby has visited our miracle worker vet Dr. Boda and had a check up at the Délpesti Állatgyógyászati Központ. According to the lates xray his legs are healing nicely. If everything goes well in the future then this bandage will be the last one.

Csattanás is standing!!

2 weeks after a car ran over her braking her everything in her lower back and 1 week after our miracle worker vet Dr. Boda operated on her right side Csattanás is standing! Moreover she can take a few steps! She is only using her right side which was operated but it is great news. She is fighter and she wants to be loved a lot and if not then she is not shy about complaining loudly.

Tücske, our excavator

Tücske baby is on his feet as well but his movements rather resembles a botched walking excavtor. A car ran over him and both of his forelegs broke all together in 7 places.

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