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The one that likes monkeys…and understands them
Everybody asked us about Linda, our new Collar baboon (Papio hamadryas, or Papio hamadryas hamadryas) female, when we showed her to the public. For example why?, how?, when?, with whom? etc.
Naturally, it was not unexpectedly for us. We went through the same process a few weeks or months ago. That time when Linda arrived from her family we asked the same questions about her housing.
We had some basic questions such as what does she eat, what and how big place she needs, how long does she live?

Linda- new beginning, a new habitant arrives to the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter
We hope the Shelter will have a new habitant soon, Linda, a 13 year old collared baboon, who is living at a family currently. The family is seeking for the appropriate solution for the monkey since years. After all Wild parks and Zoos they have contacted refused them they have got in touch with us by coincidence.

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