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Adopted. An anthology

Some days ago a volume of collected stories was released, containing stories about dogs who were abandoned and then found a new home.

These stories were not written by any famous author but by everyday pet owners who wanted to share the adventures, sometimes sad, sometimes happy stories of their animals - and to show that there is an alternative way.
A rescued dog might not have the pedigrees a purebred from a kennel club has, but can give as much love and affection as any other dog. There are no better and worse animals – the new owners have to realize their own needs and make a responsible choice.

When buying a purebred dog, its price might not be the only cost. The dog has to be vaccinated, fed and trained, and in some unfortunate cases, if the dog comes from an irresponsible breeder, expensive veterinary treatment might be necessary. Adopting a dog is a “cheaper” solution, but the animal will give you the same love and trust, wait for you at home, be happy about a walk together, and try to meet your expectations at any time.
This is the message the authors wanted to share with others through their own stories. Adoption does not only help the adopted dog, but also another one that can be housed in its place in an animal home. And a free room in a kennel is often a matter of life and death.

Hungary has, so to say, become the land of stray dogs. Every day, dozens of healthy dogs are put to sleep at animal control stations, because no one wants them and they cannot be housed anymore. Their lives and fate is our responsibility.

The main tone of the volume is not so tragic, however. There are happy and sad stories alike, longer and shorter ones, but one thing is common: the autors' love for these creatures.

The 2XX publishing company pays 200 HUF to the Mini Shelter Project of the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter after every volume sold. The book was published December 2010, and in the same month 34,800 HUF was donated to the project this way.
The book is in Hungarian. You can order it by sending an e-mail to the address. Shortly it will be available in the office of the animal shelter as well as the webshop of the Mixed Breed Project, for 1800 HUF.


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