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Missing equipment list and call for temporary adoption

We are in an urgent need of this equipment in the care of animals rescued from the toxic sludge:

GOOD QUALITY canned and dry animal food
Cat litter
Anti-tick and flea solution and collar (Advantix drops, Prac-Tic drop, Frontline drop, Exspot drop, Kiltix collar, Scalibor collar)

R1 liver pills

Bioptron lamp

In order to be able to ensure hygienic placement, we need mobile kennels and boxes (especially in large size), and cat carrier boxes.
For medical treatment we need thin rubber gloves, and for cleaning their places, thick rubber gloves.

The victims of the toxic sludge catastrophe are injured, thus they require daily, regular treatment and a continuous monitoring, which can be provided for in the premises of our shelter. There is an ongoing rescue activity in the infected region, therefore we would like to ask animal lovers to adopt one of the healthy animals for a temporary period, which will make room for another, injured rescue animal, a cat or a dog.

Please inquire about cat adoption at or call us at +36-20/540-55-62 (Monday-Saturday between 8 am and 4 pm).

Please inquire about dog adoption in our shelter in the 17th district or call +36-30/221-12-99 (from Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 3 pm).

We thank you for your help in advance!


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