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Who's the Lord of the Flies?

A female fly usually lays 100 eggs at a time, ca. 6-800 during her lifetime. Eggs are most often laid into the dung of cattle, horses or swine, therefore, the animal shelter is an ideal place for the flies to mate. However, these creatures give us a hell: they annoy the animals, bite the dogs' ears, and even lay eggs into wounds.

The development of an individual usually takes one or two weeks, but in the hot summer weather it is possible for them to develop into adults in 24 hours' time. They consume almost anything, and need a huge amount of water; they like hot weather and sunshine. They easily transmit diseases as bacteria go through their digestive system unchanged. A fly expells excrement ca. 20 times a day, causing high infectional risks for our sick animals.

In the hot summer weather a fly lives up to 1-2 weeks, but in room temperature they can survive up to 3 months.
They pose a treat to our residents that are treated in the medical rooms of the shelter, and we ask for your help to find the best electronic or chemical device that keeps them at bay.
We need more of them: for our two medical rooms and for the bulldog shelter.

If you have any experience about reliable techniques and methods of fly control in open areas (open kitchen, stables), please share these with us. According to the expirience we gained in the past years, fly traps and magnets are the most reliable methods:

Thank you!
Volunteers of the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter


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