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Fibi goes through the mill

Fibi was hit by a car on highway M5 and was found lying beside the road 24 April 2010. She was severely injured, was unable to stand up, so we took her to the vet immediately. Her injuries were already several days old, her hipbone was broken on several spots, the hip joint was dislocated and she suffered from cauda equina paralysis, meaning that her tail was paralyzed and she was unable to empty her bowels or bladder. There was an open fracture on her left tibia and the tissues were infected around the wound. Even though it was Saturday and the office hours of the vet were already over, we decided to perform an immediate surgery although we knew the prospects were not the best.

Several days later, unfortunately, what we feared the most came true. The sutures fell out of the infected wound as the tissues started to rot and the bone surface was visible. The intermedullary nails, however, kept the fracture in place, so another surgery was not necessary. Now the often used sugar therapy is applied on Fibi's infected tissues. 29 April she was able to stand up and make some steps by herself, although she still wasn't able to urinate or defecate by will. Despite the pain, she took the treatment and the bandaging without a sound and never tried to bite either humans or other animals. As it is now crucial for her to have 24-hours supervision because she can only urinate and defecate with help (which requires highly trained professional staff) she is still in the animal hospital and is going to stay there for at least another two weeks. We are very grateful to the vets of the Rákosliget Veterinary Center for taking care of this unlucky, abandoned dog.

Fibi is now able to walk a little, can partly defecate and urinate by will, and tries to show that she is litter-trained. Her open wound is healing nicely, and hopefully it's only a matter of days for the wound to close up. In 2 or 3 weeks we will know whether the fractures are healing with a callus or the bone tissue dies away and a bone abscess will develop. In the latter case another surgery will be necessary during which pieces of the hip bone will be inserted in order to catalyze the growth of osseous matter. It is also a matter of weeks until we will know whether her tail must be amputated.

Hopefully her recovery will be quick and without problems, and then the only surgery left will be neutering.

Fibi gets a new bandage:

removing the old bandage

her injured leg is healing but the periosteum is still visible on the surface of the wound

ointment, sugar and disinfectant is applied

the bandage is put on

the leg is fastened with splints

this process is, unfortunately, very painful – but all Fibi does is lick the vet's hand when it hurts

after bandaging, she's out in the sun again

If you think you can support Fibi's medical treatment with a however small amount of money, please make your donation to the following Hungarian bank account:
OTP 11710002-20083777

In the "note" section please write: "Fibi"
You can also donate money on our main webpage via your Visa card. You can also support our animals with virtual adoption.


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