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Info for volunteers

We have received a lot of e-mails and phones from enthusiastic animal friends interested in doing voluntary work, so we collected here the most important information.

Unfortunately we cannot pay any salary or fee for this voluntary job; the biggest reward for the tiring, dirty work however, is a wet kiss, a shy wag or a cautious snuggling from our protégée. Most of our volunteers find time only after work, school or family to do voluntary work in the shelter.

If you have never been a volunteer with us before, first visit us on a Saturday. Every Saturday is an open day when you can become familiar with the shelter and observe different activities under our supervision. (Please contact Piroska Molnar or Alma Kata at the registration.)

Can someone do a voluntary job if he is under the legal age? Everyone above the age of 16 can be a volunteer. (Below the age of 16 there is no possibility for independent work in the shelter. Younger children, however, may help us with parental supervision.)

Below the age of 18 a written parental permission is needed in every case, which has to be submitted to Piroska Molnár in the office upon arrival. Between the age of 16 and 18, voluntary work can be done on weekdays with parental supervision only, and on Saturdays individually as well (under the supervision of experienced volunteers) .

Please note that the shelter is not for summer day-boarding. A serious and often dangerous work is done here, and we do not have the capacity to care for children left in the shelter by their parents in the morning with the idea of saving the costs of day-boarding or a summer camp. That's why we allow volunteers under 18 to work only with their parents on weekdays.

Volunteers can help us in the following tasks:
- Rehabilitation of dogs - a lot of traumatised, injured dogs get to our shelter, which have never known any fondling hands or soothing words.
- Basic obedience training for dogs (walking on a leash, walking next to the leg, sitting, etc.)
- Activities on the barnyard (contains: covering holes dug by dogs in kennels, raking the site of the shelter, shovelling, cutting the grass, collecting the cut grass, peeling vegetables, opening tins of food, etc.)
- Everyone's favourite: walking the dogs, which can be done on open Saturdays.

Those volunteers, who cannot come to the shelter personally, can help us with the following tasks:
- Promoting the shelter, distributing leaflets and posters.
- Looking for adopters for dogs and cats living in our shelter.
- Recruiting new volunteers.
- Temporary hosting of animals (the Mini Shelter Project is continuously looking for temporary adopters).
- Placing donation urns and leaflets in shops. (Urns can be placed in the volunteer's shop, or in a shop of family members,friends, or where the volunteer can arrange a placement.)

If you feel like volunteering, join us, we would welcome you in our team. Before undertaking the job please read through the Rules for volunteers'', available at our shelter.

For further information please contact Kata at or the personnel.


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