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Why don’t we put animals to sleep?

Igló was taken to our care on 2nd December 2008, being hit by a car in the 19th district on Vasgereb road. The hit-and-run driver got off his car, checked how much it was damaged, then without looking at the dog he drove on.
We took Igló immediately to the vet. His injury seemed to be serious. He couldn’t move his two hind legs and he only felt great pain. Unfortunately the diagnosis was spine injury, and on top of that both of his knees were injured. Our vets didn’t promise much good, seeing not much hope for recovery.
In the next days it turned out that he had problems voiding the bowels and the bladder as well. Despite of these we were unshakable, we trusted in Igló’s young and strong body, and he too fortified us, as despite what happened he was in a good mood, communicated with us and his eyes were shining.

On 7th December 2008 one of our volunteers took Igló home, undertaking his treatment there, in calm family environment. Igló had such a careful looking after without which his recovery couldn’t have been realized, and that we couldn’t have undertaken under the circumstances of the animal home, despite all our efforts. Hereby we would like to thank his “god-mother”, because without him Igló wouldn’t be galloping in our farmyard today. His recovery was assisted by the Tens apparatus, which stimulates muscles and nerves, furthermore the regular massaging and stretching of his hind legs played a great part in it.

After a few months our hopes appeared to come true. Though feebly and rocking, but Igló stood on his legs. We were very happy, also because due to the much “seal-creeping” his legs got abraded and he had bedsores. His walking became more skilled and precise, so we thought time had come for his knee operations that happened in June 2009. Time was passing and Igló kept on fighting, not losing heart for an instance. Thanks to all this, now we dare to announce that all Igló would need now is a loving owner. Though his walking will never be perfect, he lives a full, happy life, and only a tender sofa and a full-day-long stroking could make it fuller.

We hope that everybody got an answer to the question. We believe that each animal deserves a chance, and though many are beyond hope, still there are a few, who apparently belie medical science, and showing their gratitude for the care, miraculously recover.
Fortunately we could witness several such success stories, just let’s think about Krokett, Indigó, Bulcsú, Dini cat, Parázs or Latte.


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