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Animal Support Club

Noé Animal Shelter Foundation’s Support Club was established by enthusiastic volunteers, with the aim of establishing a fixed monthly income for the animal shelter: an amount/income, the animal shelter can count upon every month.
Noé Animal Shelter Foundation is the largest animal shelter in Budapest and gives a home to as many as 600 animals. However, with the lack of any normal support by the state and insufficient donations, the animal shelter has been facing serious financial difficulties and its survival is continuously at risk.
Keep, vaccination and surgery of animals, operation of the animal shelter (paying utility bills): these are just a few of the many challenges we must face every day. Founders of the foundation have – in the past couple of years – turned into cash all their heritage, real estate properties, even their cars and personal belongings. But now they have nothing left to sell. Hence the call for your help!

Anyone can be a member of the Animal Support Club: you just need to give a donation of 1.000 Ft each month. Donations can be made via a bank transfer (preferred option), by cash (in person at the animal shelter) or by cheque (upon request we post you a cheque or it is available at the animal shelter )

The primary goal of the Donor Club is to establish a fixed financial source for the foundation to rely on, to cover the most acute expenses, such as veterinarian, medical and surgical expenses of animal intakes: costs, which regularly occur and cause the foundation a struggle to cover. However, the animal shelter still welcomes one-off donations of any amount, even if you don’t wish to join our Animal Support Club.

Do you wish to join? All you need to do is to give your bank a regular transfer order of an amount you wish to finance the keep of the animals (but minimum of 1.000 Ft), with a due date of the 10th of each month. Once your first payment is made, you also need to send us an email to informing us that by making the first payment you have joined our Animal Support Club. If authorised, your personal profile will also be set up on our soon-to-be-launched Animal Support Club website, where you will be granted access to the Animal Support Club forum: you can exchange ideas, share opinions with the other Donor Club members, and keep yourself informed of the latest news.

Club members can appear on the website under their full name, nick name, monogram or first name, even under their pet’s name (Buksi the dog, for example, can also be a donor). A donor can also be a company. Members can give their personal details, email address, date of birth, or any other data they wish to share with others and they can also upload photos. (Members can decide whether they want their monthly donation amount to appear on their profile or not.)

Members can withdraw their membership at any time. Membership ceases also when there is no donation from a member for the duration of 2 months. To be able to benefit from tax reduction, we provide proof of payment of the donation. Please click here for more information

For further information, please email

We hope you join the Club: little streams make great rivers, any donation can make one’s life better.


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