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Barbi is looking for a forever home

The pathology results from the amputated leg of our Barbi ❤ puppy have arrived. We knew from the preliminary sampling that the process was malignant, as that is why her entire leg had to be radically amputated, and why her previous owners surrendered her to Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation - they couldn't "get on" with the idea of having a 3-legged dog... 💔
Pathology result: soft tissue sarcoma, grade I, tissue picture most consistent with fibrosarcoma. They say it could be worse...
We are over this now, his wound has healed, his spirit is developing, he has learned to walk nicely on 3 legs. All she needs is a LOVING FAMILY‼ We are looking for Barbi's Angel, who sees beyond her 3 legs, who sees what we see: a beautiful, kind, affectionate, cuddly, clever, playful beauty who gets on well with all dogs - big and small, bitch and canine. Today she was in the hospital yard for a romp, moving, walking and playing with agility and stability. She can be habituated with kittens. A real super dog, every family's dream, she doesn't have to stay in the shelter for much longer, does she?
Barbi is about 5 years old, medium sized, vaccinated, chipped, spayed and neutered. We don't give her exclusively to a puppy mill, she deserves to be a full-fledged member of the family, living with her owners.

To inquire about her and to make an appointment, call 06 30 221 12 99, Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 3 pm, or visit


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