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Sorry, we are still closed!

A lot of you have asked and we are sorry but the Noah'ark animal home is still closed. 😢 Legally we are allowed to be opened but due to lack of capacity we can't meet the requirements. According to the rules we are only allowed to let people in who are over 18 and are vaccinated. Unfortunately we don't have the extra manpower when we also have to take care about 1300 animals on a daily basis. The penalty for breaking the rules is very high. It could be up to 1.000.000,-Huf which we don't want to risk. Also the high numbers of sick people didn't make us calm so that played a role in our decision. We were lucky so far and the virus didn't affect our work of taking care of 1300 animals and we would like to keep it that way.
So our animal home stays closed. Visitors, groups and dog walkers are not allowed to enter. The adoption process remains the same. You have to make an appointment by phone and in advance.
For an appointment call the following number: 06302211299 (Monday-Saturday 10:00 - 15:00) or you can write to us

Thank you for your understanding and for supporting us all through these hard times. We miss you and we hope we can open soon!


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