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Farewell Anika!

Anika, a MIRACLE cound't be preformed... 🖤

“Today I had to say goodbye to my dear old friend, Anika! 💔
This morning she became worse suddenly and her small body couldn't take anymore. We have taken her to the vet immediately. She was hardly conscious in the car. Just before we have arrived at the vet she came to, looked me in the eye and cuddled to me one last time then closed her eyes forever. The doctors couldn't save her life.
I would like to thank to the person who found her and brought her to the animal home so I could love her and take care of her. I hope she felt that she was loved in the last couple of months of her life and that she had a family!❤️”

The words above were written by Dóri, Anika's nurse/carer. She was not only her friend, support for this old little dog but she is the Assistant Nurse in our hospital ward in our animal home. ❤️


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