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Weekend horror

We have received a call late Sunday afternoon from the Kutyások a XV. kerületért Állatvédő Association asking for our help taking in 5 dogs and a goat who were found tied in sacks on the open bed of a truck. We couldn't believe our ears and we went to the location where it happened.

The story is the following: The Police has contacted the Kutyások a XV. kerületért Állatvédő Association because they found animals in closed feed sacks on an open bed of a truck. The truck was about to leave the parking lot of a mall where he bought gas. Before he wanted to exit he had to slow down because he was approaching the round about. One of the dogs started to bark and the security guard working on the heard the bark and then saw the animals in the bags. He didn't hesitate and told the driver to stop but instead the driver wanted to scare the guard and turned the wheel in his direction like he wanted run him over. It didn't work and the headquarters were notified immediately and in a couple of minutes the authorities were on sight. The scene was unbelievable....
In the neatly tied feed sacks were 5 about 3 months old puppies and 1 goat.

Whlie the police questioned the driver the others have freed the animals. All of them were afraid from the human touch. Their bodies where very hot, they smelled of manure, they breathed heavily, they were full of parasites and they were very weak. Who knows how long they traveled like that in this heat. We have started to cool them down carefully. We gave them water as well. They were thirsty that they even licked the water off of eachother. The goat was led to the grass and he was very hungry. The Police officers have searched the car and found more sack but they didn't find more animals. Hopefully there were none.
The vet who was called to the site has ruled that all of the animals should be transported to the Vet For Pet Clinic for a thorough examination and treatment. Even though the Clinic was closed as soon as they were notified the vet and his assistant went in to and welcomed them with open arms. After they were thoroughly checked they put chips in them and they were ready for a new and better life. The medical cost was paid by the Asia Center mall. After this they were transfered to our quarantine kenels.

The story doesn't end here. The proceedings have started against the driver. The even have the security footage from the parking lot as evidence. We are hoping he will get the most severe punishment.

The great part of the story is that with joining forces with each other we were able to save 6 lives. We are hoping that this person will never be able to hurt/keep/transfer animals ever again.

We don't know from where and where to he wanted to take the animals but hopefully the police investigation will shed light on it.
We would like to thank the security guard on duty at the Asia Center mall for his heroic work, the management of the Asia Center for the financial and moral support, the security officers of the Mayor's office, the Vet for Pet Clinic for their help, the Kutyások a XV. Kerületért Állatvédő Association and for all the civilians on sight that tried to help us there.

The pictures were made by the Kutyások a XV. Kerületért Állatvédő Association


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