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Another broken Dachshund Motyó

A Vet Clinic called us and asked for our help. Some people came in who found a dog which was ran over. He had a chip and his owner was found but after a couple of days they gave him up and asked the vet to euthanize the dog. The vet didn't want to do it so they called us. He was taken to our miracle worker vet Dr. Boda and he operated on him immediately. It was a long and complicated surgery. He had to put his hip back together and his exploded knee as well. He is in kennel rest for now and we are hoping that he won't need another surgery. Motyó is only 11 months old and the xray shows that his shank was broken too.

Please, support his surgery and recovery.

If you speak Hungarian you can do it with you bank card through this website: :

Through bank transfer:
Forint bank account number within Hungary: 11710002-20083777
Bank account number from abroad:
IBAN: HU62 1171 0002 2008 3777 0000 0000
OTP Bank / Budapest, 1102 Kőrösi Csoma sétány 6.

EURO bank account number within Hungary: 11763103-13106883
Euro bank account number from abroad:
IBAN: HU15 1176 3103 1310 6883 0000 0000
OTP Bank / Budapest, 1102 Kőrösi Csoma sétány 6.

Or you can donate through PayPal:

Thank You!


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