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The wishlist of the Noah animal home's protegés!

This Christmas we will put up a chirstmas tree for our animals and we invite you to our animal home!

Our protegés have told us what they need the most and what they wish from Santa.

There are quite a few things that would make us very happy to get like:

- Products against external parasites: tick, fly and mosquito repellents like BRAVECTO tablets, Vectra 4D spot-on, Advantix spot-on, Stronghold spot-on, Foresto collar etc.
- Products against internal parasites: vermifuge tablets, products against microfilaria immitis, Milbemax tablets, Advocate spot-on, Stronghold spot-on etc.
- Human medication that our animal use regularly like: artificial tears, eye drops (Tobrex, Tobradex, Cyloxan), Cornaregel eye gel, Milgamma tablets and capsules, Quamatel tablets, Sevenal tablets, Sevenaletta tablets, Hyperol tablets, Betadine, Boron water, Kék-lukács cream
- Veterinary medication that our animals get regularly like: non steroid pain killers (Rimady, Carprox, Canidril etc.), probiotics like Synbioic tablets, Immunity strengthening nutritional supplement like Vetri DMG, Immunovet, Béres Minerva etc., tablets for joint protection, for the bones and cartilage builder like Syinguin tablets, green mussel extract, NeoK9 tablets, Karsivan tablets, DynaLode nutritional supplement, Forthyron tablets, Ear cleaning fluid, Vitamins, Cones for after surgaries
- Leashes and collars all sizes, all colours and all volumes
- disposable rubber gloves
- For cleaning we need disinfactents (Domestos, Florasept etc.), mop sets, dishwashing brushes, sponges, brooms, brushes
- extra large and strong garbage bags
- paper hand towels, toilet paper
- For feeding and working around the shelter we need wheelbarrow, shovel, spade, pickax, snow-shovel, „milk crate” thick plastic box, pan with handle, suspendable feeding bucket (for food and water), plastic sand pool, Chip (clean and dustfree), hay for the dog houses, plastic curtain for the dog houses for winter
- Clean textiles like, blanket, sheet, duvet cover, towel,
- Good quailty dog and cat dry and wet food

Of course, everybody have their own presents that they wish for!

The boxers are very cold in winter so they would like heated dog houses.

Most of the bulldogs can only eat special chicken free or hypoallergenic food and their immune system is week so they need Vetri DMG or Immunovet immune strengtheners!

Cane Corsos are susceptible to Babesia desease that is spred by tics. Also due to their size they need joint protection. So first of all they need BRAVECTO tablets, Vectra 3d spot-on and for their joints Synoquin tablets, green mussle extract!

The Chau-chau dogs often suffer from ophthalmological problems so they need Corneregel eye gel, Tobrex and Cyloxan eye drops. For their fur we need special brushes!

The cats like their stomach a lot so their wish is to have good quality dry and wet food. Their Yard needs maintenance and for that they need a lawnmower és for the cat houses they need electronic heaters. We also need to mention that the cats don’t like to lay on hard floors they would also like soft cat beds as well!

Our MiniMenhely department’s protegés like to go for walks so they are big users of collars and leashes. Also they have a lot of old dogs who need senior vitamins, immune strengtheners and protection against ticks, flies and mosqitos!

For feeding our horses we need big buckets, suspendable feeding and drinking buckets and salt licks. Also we always need halters, lunge, repellent against parasites, ear and eye covers.

Our mixed adult dogs and puppies also would like collars, leashes, good quality starter and junior dry and wet food, vitamins and repellent products against external and internal parasites.

Our farm yard and wild animals would like hay and wood chip. They need all kinds of seed mixtures (for birds, poultry , ruminant) salt licks, „milk crate” big and thick walled plastic box, suspendable drinking and feeding buckets, pans.

It is a long list, isn’t it? We have about 1200 protegés and we have to ensure their everyday well being 365 day per year. If you would help us out we would be very greatful!

You can send us your present by post or you can bring it out personally and place it under the xmas tree.


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