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Sashalmi Alex has health issues again!

Oh Alex, we hope there won’t be a bigger problem with your leg?

Our Beautiful Alex is lying on the operating table. The problem is that on one of his front leg a painful lump appeared about one year ago. The first medical examinations at the time, showed that he has arthritis. He received demulcent injection into his joint and it seemed that this helped and although a little bulge remaind on his ankle he was pain free and the problem was solved.

Unfortunately the problem returned and the lump grew bigger again and it became painful as well. It raised the possibility of some kind of tumor, that’s why our miracle worker vet Dr. Boda took a sample of the lump and now we are waiting for the results.

Alex was a baby in 2007 from the Sashalmi family and he was soon adopted. Then in 2013 (after 6 years) he was brought back. The (former) owner said that he is destroying everything and loves to escape. But he is also a good watchdog and loves children. He is a large breed dog who has no chance to be adopted again because of the above mentioned “negative” attributions but…
In our opinion Alex is just a very active dog. He needs a lot of movement and needs to run around a lot because he is full of energy. So we are looking for a new family for him where the family is very active and likes to take long walks and has children. Plus a very secure fence is needed to stop him from escaping.

We are very worried about him.

We are thankful if you support him virtual adoption through his data sheet:


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