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Goodbye Pepe!

Is there a good place after life for innocent anthropoids, like our cute old Pepe? There has to be a place where he can be happy. Where he would not be kidnapped as a baby, where he wouldn’t live without his family, where he wouldn’t be a pet of a human being, where there is always a brother of a friend he could groom or have a fight with in the next second and then make up with shortly after. There has to be a place like that because in his life he NEVER EVER had that.
Pepe did not wake up Thursday morning he fell asleep forever at the age of 27. The day before he was sunbathing, happily eating his favorite grass, eating his daily yogurt and throwing kisses. After that he went to bed and didn’t wake up, he is gone forever.
There are so many things swirling in my head, so many experiences, and memories. The first moment when we saw his sick, incredibly tiny body trembling in the November cold. Barely alive, his eyes staring vaguely ahead of him and his body was moving back and forth. The first day, he began to open up and to communicate. Moment by moment as we learned to speak each other's language. So many shared experiences, smiles and frights. The moment when he first played in the sunlight or the first time we persuaded him to step on the soft grass.
We spent three years together and in this 3 years we tried give him back what was taken from him for 24 years. I hope he was happy as much as he could be with us, even though we knew that we could never give him back his family.

Sweet old friend, you will always stay with us, we thank you for your trust, your love and that your sad life you taught us so much! We love you!


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