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Tia fought hard but the illness defeated her

Dear Tia, you didn’t have luck in this life but we hope that you are a bright shining star in the sky now. It is difficult to say anything because it really hurts. I have known from the very first time when I saw you standing in the mud, covered with dirt, with your massive neck tumors and skinny body, that our destiny will be combined. I have known from the very first moment that we had to help you.
At first, we tried to free you from your chain prison which was a very hard task because it didn’t have a carabiner so we had to use a power cutter. You arrived to us with your sad tired eyes and hanging tail. You looked us in the eyes and gave your heart and trust to us. You were very weak and sad but despite that you wanted our love and caress.
We started to feed and heal you slowly. We raced against the time and raced against the disease. You were trustful, you were fighting and healed well. Then came the surgeries and despite your age you were very strong and more and more lively and happy. We were reading the biopsy and medical results and hope that everything will be alright. You’ve been better and better and that’s why we believed that you’ll have more nice and peaceful years.
Finally someone was interested in you and we started to make funny videos and pictures with you and we were very glad. When everything seemed to be fine, your illness attacked you underhandedly and we lost you as fast as you came in our lives. You couldn’t wait for your new owner and you didn’t know how beautiful life could be with a loving family. You did not know how to fall asleep every night to the loving hands of your owner caressing your head.
We will never forget you, we loved you from the very first moment to the last and we will love you forever.

Not one dog suppose to die in the shelter.

Tia :


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