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Retek Mum and the 5 babies with ’R’

Füzesabony Animal Care asked us for help to place a dog family. Retek Mum is a tiny, weighs less than 10 kilograms, very young, probably sharpie mixed girl, who has given birth to her puppies in a water ditch. She has raised and taken care of them in the middle of nothing. When the babies could get on their feet, this situation became dangerous, because they started to go onto busy motorways. Luckily the whole family was collected in the end.

Retek has been looking out her tots to be true, but she is almost a kid, probably sharpie mixture, who has conceived at her first heat. The babies are around 5-6 weeks old now. They really love the teat, but they certainly chew the baby starter too.

The whole family was worn out by the hard circumstances, Retek was very lean, because of her weak immune system, and the typical hair attrition around the puppies’ eyes was visible.

Retek was a bit shy at the beginning, but is a very kind, quiet dog, who kindly and gently slicks into anybody’s palm and hides into your lap after a few nice words.

More photos about the family HERE!!!!!!

The tots and Retek Mum will be adoptable when all the babies turn to be 8 weeks old. But until then we would like to ask for your help.

Their immune system needs to be strengthened, actually anything would be good, but the bests are Vetri DMG, Immunovet or Béres (Minerva) Csepp. We also need a good quality starter, puppy and junior nutriment.
It is also necessary not just for them, but for the Berni family as well who also have immune problems. So more than 10 puppies. immune system needs to be stronger and has to be fed with high quality food. And they are only the smallest!

We are receiving the donations with a big Thank you in the Noé Animal Shelter (1171, Budapest, the end of the Csordakút street) and at the donation receiver points in the GARMIN shop (1132 Budapest, Visegrádi street 80/a – Tutaj and Visegrádi corner, Opening hours – on weekdays from 9am to 5pm).

The sustenance, immunization, parasite releasement of the puppies are very expensive. Tiny tots in trouble because of irresponsible growths are constantly received, so please support the feeding of these weenies.

Retek could be supported with virtual donation via her data sheet: DATA SHEET – VIRTUAL ADOPTION!

Our bank account number is:
OTP 11710002-20083777

Direct donation via bank card:


Please put ’RETEK Family' in the note field.

We are thankful for every call or text message to NOÉ Animal Shelter Foundation’s ADHAT helpline.
Call 13600 (no area code) and after the automated message mark 63, NOÉ Animal Shelter’s code.

If you prefer sending a text, send the number 63 to 13600. A phone call or a text is worth 250 HUF – this is how much we receive, and this is how much the caller is billed for.

Currently this service is available from the T-Home and T-Mobile networks (calls only for the time being!) as well as from Telenor, Vodafone and Invitel.

Thank you so much!


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