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Lujzi is back... we were disappointed again

Today is the day of the big disappointments, she is Lujzi, 12 years old and blind… 

Lujzi was born in 2003, she is an old, blind and sweet old lady. She was adopted about 11 years ago in the Noe Animal Shelter, with hope and clear heart at that time. She has been loved and adored, she was the apple of the family’s eyes. Now she came into the field of our vision after a community notice, that an old dog is living alone in an abandoned house with a fellow dog. The owners had moved, though the old lady next door has been entrusted to take care of them, but Lujzi got into bad condition. She lost so much weight, and cloud not even get onto her feet. The NOÉ lifelong guarantee is effective for her as well, as it is for any other animal who steps over the gate of the Noe Animal Shelter, that is Noe is taking care of her until the end of her life. So it does not matter if she was our protégé, she can count on us until the end of her life. We have started to set up and Lujzi came back under our care – we hope it was not too late... 

An owner has been found for her little fellow, but euthanasia was waiting for Lujzi, because she suffered a lot. The question, what the diagnosis was, what kind of pills she takes, the answer was that she had not been taken to a vet...

According to the history the ex-owner said, she went blind because of an unknown disease, literally her eyes have flown out. A few years ago her rear yard started to grow weak, she cannot really stand up. Now she lost so much weight. The condition of the dog is very bad. Literally it made me cry, how her imponderable, anguished body has been hugged and held in my hands. She is jumped out of her skin, being blind and standing with her sinking legs, but when I stroke and hug her, she gently waves. We took her immediately to the vet, her investigation is in progress, but we worry about her very much.

Lujzi can be supported with virtual donation via her data sheet: DATA SHEET – VIRTUAL ADOPTION!


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