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Our new Calenders for 2016 are available!

Are you too busy? Is your calendar full? Do you need something that will cheer you up (and doesn’t cause you to gain weight, or get cavities :))? Do you know someone who’s in a situation like this?

Here’s the solution: a cute donkey smiling at you, right beside your packed calendar! Or a doggy, a kitten, a bunny, a fox, a goose and the rest of their adorable friends. And, something that’ll warm your heart even further is the fact that by purchasing the calendar, you’ll be supporting them (and their slightly less photogenic friends, too.) So? 

Of course, if you’re lucky and the sight of your calendar doesn’t stress you out, it still is a wonderful feeling to occasionally lay eyes on something so cute!
It’s an ideal present (even for Christmas – start thinking ahead! :P) for anyone. It’s especially great for employees and for companies, because in addition to being practical office equipment, it is also the perfect model of social awareness. We can also give companies VAT invoices! So, if you’re the Office Supply Supervisor at your company, don’t hesitate a moment longer!

Table Calendar:

-54 pages
- Foiled,
- Foot with NOE logo printed on it
- Size 140 x 295 mm.

Price: 1.600 Ft

You can check out the calendar HERE!!

The calender is available at WEBSHOP, or personally at the Shelter.

If you buy 5 calendars, you’ll get a silicone bracelet and if you buy a total of 10 calendars, you’ll get a NOE mug for free! :)

Wall Calendar:

- 12 + 1 pages
- Foiled
- Size: A3

Price: 2.000 Ft

You can check out the calendar HERE!

The calender is available at WEBSHOP, or personally at the Shelter.

Buy 3 calendars, get a silicone bracelet for free! If you buy 6 calendars, you’ll get a complimentary NOE mug. :)

Thank you for your support!


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