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The 5th life of Stex

Let us introduce you our doggie, Stex. We have a few words about him.

Cats have 7 lives, they say. If that’s true, then Stex must have a cat among his ancestors as he is using his lives just like one uses his bus tickets…. His guardian angel has not left him yet and we hope this stays like that!
So to begin with, we know his story from the part when he got to the dog’s clinic at Illatos út. We don’t know what happened to him previously but he did not end up on the street or under a car. 1. life checked. He was then adopted and became a flat pet. Most probably he had never lived indoors beforeand his new keeper had not prepared him for this as Stex wasreally stressed when he was left alone in the flat. So stressedthat once when the keeper left,Stex jumped after him throughthe window from the second floor! Yes, you read thatcorrectly, from the second floor. Although he was seriouslyinjured, he survived! 2. life checked. The desperately wounded dog was taken to the vet immediately who was diagnosed with serious internal bleeding. They saw little chance for surviving but he came through the life saving operation: his ruptured liver and other inner injuries were cobbled. He survived again! 3. life checked! Not only his insides but also his bones were injured and bruised due to the falling. Miraculously, his legs,ribs, jaws and spinal cord were not injured but his sacrum was. Due to this injury, minor incontinent problems occured and he had serious pains, of course. His keeper could not handle this situation in the flat anymore so he came to a painful decision:to have Stex put to sleep. He thus brought him to the vet and asked for euthanasia. The vets considered the situation and Stex’s chances for recovery and came to the conclusion to refuse putting him to sleep. Instead, they decided to take Stex’s life into their own hands. 4. life checked!
His vet, for whose brave act we cannot be grateful enough,asked for help from Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter and this is how this beautiful dog happened to get to our care. Stex is getting better day by day. Even the incontinent problem is going by. His walking is stabilising, although he still takes painkillers but his aches are less and less painful. Thus everything seems to show that he will have a normal and happy life soon. He is recovering in a very strict cage-rest at the moment, and in a few days we will start hisphysiotherapical aftercare, too. We really hope that he does not want to risk the rest of his lives and that someone will come for him soon, providing him a home for good.
Stex is an incredibly good-natured dog, by the way, who is really cooperative in all respect. He is doing pretty well with the cage-rest, his separation anxiety could be handled with this method most probably. He is friendly with both people and animals - he is so beautiful that if you take a glance at him,you won’t be able to turn away for several minutes.

Cheer for Stex in his fast and smooth recovery and in him finding a new keeper. Please also support his therapy,rehabilitation.

There is a possibility for virtual adaption on his website HERE.

Our bank account:
OTP 11710002-20083777
Direct donation with bank card HERE
Please indicate the name of Stex in the notes field!

Thank you very much!


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