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We received a package from Kisvárda

We received a package from Kisvárda the other day  A small van of tiny, medium and big, shorthaired, longhaired, rough-coated, funny-toothed, pretty-eyed, blue-tounged, badass, timid, familial, lonely, coupled, water-lover, lively and calm new dogs have arrived. As you already know, at NOÉ Animal Shelter, 2015 is the year of helping countryside shelters struggling with financial problems. This means that not only do we organise days where our volunteers help them out, but we also try to lend a hand in adoptions. This time, 9 dogs of different breeds arrived from Kisvárda, but there is one common thing in them: all of them has been a resident of the shelter for a long time, some of them has been living there for 5 years. There is also a pup who has grown up there.
Soon, you will get to know all of them better, but until then, here is a small scoop:
- Labrador-like family, a young mother and her 3 little puppies – they are sweet, beautiful and surely one of their ancestors has had an affair with a Shar-pei – the proof is their rakish ears and their blue tongues
- Black, fluffy female who loves to roll around and her kennel partner with whom she’s been living for years, a light brown lady who had a Dackel among her ancestors
- A seemingly serious, but all the more giddy, friendly, water-loving young Rottweiler girl – nobody wanted her at Kisvárda because she is neutered…
- Wonderful little Don Quijote with a snow white, smooth fur and with an attractive eye mark
- Aaaand the jackpot, the prime itself – a crooked-teethed, rough haired, hot-blooded, bossy woman with a brindle coat.
After quarantine, vaccinations and sterilization, they will all be waiting for adoption! We already love the whole Kisvárad band <3


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