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A walk behind the scenes – Mariann’s reflections

The “Walk behind the scenes” programme at NOÉ is very popular. Whenever we advertise it, the free slots sell out immediately. No wonder, as these walks guide the visitors in small groups all over our site where they can listen to yet untold stories or can see and stroke animals they would not be able to in an everyday visit. Last Saturday in joint cooperation with Jótékonysági MacsKávézó CatCafé we organised a “walk behind the scenes” event. One of the participants, Mariann, was asked to talk about her experiences; thank you for the photos Kriszta, another participant of the event 

Everyone is warmly welcome on our next walk, the date and time will be made available at the Facebook page and website of NOÉ!

"Behind the scenes

I am an enthusiastic supporter of NOÉ, however, this was the first time I participated in the walk.
I warmed up for the tour on 4 July with a delicious cup of coffee at the Macskávézóóóóó CatCafé.
Kinga, our guide, let us glimpse into the everyday life of the shelter home and its two-, three-, and four legged residents.
Kinga knows the story of every furry, feathery, wooly resident and is happy to share them with anyone interested.
We could have a short visit at the lately finished dog hospital ward. Then we visited Pepe who will move to his new paddock soon.
Kinga was proud to present the latest investment: a new kennel is under construction for the mini sized dogs, we saw how the foundation was being built.
The tour was interesting, the animals were lovely, curious and loveable.
The delicious lemonade was life saving at the end of the tour in the catwalk in the company of the velvet pawed.
It was a great day full of experiences!


See more pictures of the event HERE!!!!!!


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