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Spring fashion show by Noé

Usually the biggest fashion companies present their new collections in spring, introduced on glittery catwalks. Well, we did not want to fall behind either, so we decided to re-dress the residents of our farmhouse yard. That is to say we are through the spring overdue trimming, vaccinations and blood tests.

It was especially topical, because the sheep have grown a big fleece that did not let them to see over their hair.

At first, it was the bunch to receive the hair styling.

Not just objectively but we also had our unconcealed - it was useless to predict - and startling opinion about the result...

Then the goat nail cutting was the next, and neither the sheep could be left out of the annual manicure.

The goats and the sheep could not do anything when the experts said: Sit down! In this case they needed to sit and patiently await the trimming and manicure. Unlike the llamas, there was no point to talk to them, at the longest the response might come through a greenish spittle. 
In that case we needed to apply for some narcotics, or some dope, to put simply.

Actually, just like the sheep, they had the same opinion about the result. There was no question, we have to get used to this view too. :)

The vaccination was the next after trimming and manicure. No one could be fallen out from this „game”: pigs, bull, roes, deer, sheep, goats, llamas, bunnies, boars. It was really funny to overtake and vaccinate the piglets. The outcome was many colourful pigs, peeved goats and a nosy bull.

Though, you might not think so, but the farmyard animal keeping is such an expensive thing. The annual obligatory blood tests, vaccinations, treatments, trimming and manicure cost more than 200.000 HUF. Please support the spring-reformation of our farmyard animals.

You can support them via targeted money transfer:
Bank account number:

Direct transfer donation

Money transfer from abroad:
IBAN: HU15 1176 3103 1310 6883 0000 0000
OTP Bank / Budapest, 1102 Kőrösi Csoma sétány 6.
Or direct transfer by bank card:

Please write „Farmyard animals” in the comments field
You can also help by calling the NOÉ Animal shelter ADHAT HOTLINE or sending a text message!!!!!
Call 13600 (without any area code to dial in Hungary), and after hearing the voicemail, please type the code in for NOÉ Animal Shelter: 63.

If texting is easier for you, then please send number 63 to 13600 phone number. The cost of a call or a text message is 250 HUF. That is the exact amount of the money we get and the amount to be invoiced to your phone!
At the moment the service is available with the following service providers in Hungary: T-Home, T-Mobile, Telenor, Vodafone and Invitel.

We thank you in advance!


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