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Community service at NOE Animal Shelter

From 2016 every student will have to complete 50 hours of community service during their high school studies, in order to apply for their final exams.

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The community service is an activity, that the students choose according to their personal values, it is being done free of charge, the participants can give something back to their local community, and through this activity the students will be able to improve their skills. The motivation to do community service can vary: to learn a profession, to help others, to belong to a community, to achieve an important goal, for example make the environment better, to improve certain personal qualities, to spend spare time doing something useful, to help troubled people, to protect the environment, or gain some experience at an important area. The community service is a work experience, where along with the learnt knowledge and learning performance the pupils life skills can be improved, and the kids can gain experience in the operation of different organisations and jobs, also in dealing with social problems, and they can try themselves as an active, productive, serving person.

Our animal shelter strongly believes in teaching the future’s enthusiastic animal protectors, so our educating group regularly visits nurseries, schools, therefore we have been extremely happy with the change of the law.

So far we have come to an agreement with the following schools:- Karinthy Frigyes High School
- Kőrös Csoma Sándor Bilingual Baptist High School
- Budapest VI. District Szinyei Merse Pál High School
- Pesterzsébeti College for Economics
- Wesselényi Miklós College for Engineering
- Teleki Blanka College for Economics
- Bókay János Classical College
- Keleti Károly College for Economics
- ELTE Trefort Ágoston Teaching High School
- Óbudai High School
- Fáy András College for Transport Engineering
- Balassi Bálint Junior High School
- Budapest XVI. District Szerb Antal High School

We can employ a maximum of 45 students at the same time for the community service. We are able to provide a placement only for a student from a school with a contract, after the necessary pre-arrangements have been sorted.

The conditions of the agreement!In order to start the community service at our animal shelter, we shall sign an agreement with the school.

Following the signing of the contract, since our animal shelter is a hazardous place, as we work with live animals who have feelings, we are only expecting students to apply, who are over 16 (we also need parental consent, which can be downloaded from our website), who are not scared of animals, and who can cope with smells and not fussy people.

What are our expectations from the students?- unconditional love towards animals
- hard work
- persistence
- frequent visits ( the work experience at our animal shelter has to be completed within 3 months, so we can take on new students)

What do we offer?Hopefully this doesn’t need to be explained to an animal lover, if it does, unfortunately our shelter is not the right place for you.

What kind of jobs can be done at our shelter?- gardening (eg. Weeding, planting)
- cleaning
- maintaining kennels (cover up holes, level soil, repair of the kennels, perhaps replacing them)
- socialising our animals (walking, it can be done only Saturdays, and it cant come to the full length of the community service)

We are only looking for applications from students, who are not scared of animals (dogs, cats, farm animals) bearing in mind, that the majority of the work will be done amongst the animals.

We recommend Saturdays as the start day, because we can show our work and do a proper induction. We suggest to bring change of clothes and rubber boots! We can provide changing rooms, and a warming room, moreover our snack bar is open every Saturday!

The community service can be completed only during opening hours, Monday-Saturday, between 10-15. The work should usually be at least an hour, 3 hours at the most. The time
spent on community service should not exceed 6 hours per week during school time, and 12 hours during school holidays.

Since the students don’t complete their 50 hours of community service at the same place, the service shall be completed at our animal shelter within 3 months, for us to be able to take on new students, because there is a huge interest in our shelter, and our capacity is limited.
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