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Pepe news about the mug and spoon usage

I must admit, I am worried over the old fellow since two weeks. I can not say exactly why, he is only a little quieter, a little more retractive. It just can not be explained medically, but it makes the „mother's” heart fear.

We try to carefully make his life high in stimulus week by week. So we gave him an eared mug with some delicious juice yesterday. First run he effused it and he pretended like he absolutely did not care, but he continously picked its beak, but by the afternoon he has been cleverly using it as intended. Today I thought a big one, and put the yogurt in the mug as daily delights, in which he also gets his medication. Normaly we give it to him with a spoon which he licks cleverly and waits for the next spoon. Now I gave him the mug of full with delicious jam mixed with yogurt in it. I was hoping that he skillfully picks the treat with his fingers. He gently took it, and when he saw what is in, threw it out the front of my foot in the door and lightning blasted the eyes: "Do you think I will do it with my hand, alone? This is your job!" I didn’t give it up, I put the spoon in the mug. He removed immediately and as usual he licked it, and then dropped to the ground. I put it back again and handed him back and by the third attempt has repeatedly spooned into the yogurt.

No one should think that they are enjoying it so much, how to skillfully use these two basic elements of human civilization as a cup and spoon…... Its not about that, his intelligence impresses me in every moment. And all such moments my hearts clenching again, because he has to live here alone. However we love to take care and entertain him (got radio). We can not give the same as he could get from his monkey family. Because he should be living nonstop in a social community, in a family. You must consider, if you would like a monkey so much. Fortunately it is illegal in Hungary, but I have no illusion, if somebody wants, he can get a monkey and I am also sure that, there are some primate in terrible environment illegally too.


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