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Pepe, the macaque rescue is starting now!

We got a desperate phone call on Monday from a veteranian from Szombathely in connection with a macaque in trouble. Pepe is an old (24 years) male macaque. An old man from Kőszeg was his owner. The man had all the licenses to keep an animal like this, but unfortunately he has died in spring. Pepe spent all the winters in a warm place, but now
the family members of the man can’t take care of him properly. The wife and the others are afraid of him. The man could hug, pet and take him anywhere, but their relationship was special.

Now, as it is getting colder the wife is desperate because she didn’t know what would happen with the monkey. She asked help from the local pet rescue group. Meanwhile the condition of Pete deteriorated: his hair is deficient and his teeth are also bad. His joints are bounded, he can hardly move one of his hinder legs and he is really-really cold.

He was living here:

The Green Authority has sequestered him in October, but it was a lack of quarantines. Because of his condition he was left in his original place and the Authority had searched for a new place immediately. As usual, neither a rescue group nor a zoo wanted to keep him. This species lives in a colony. It is almost impossible to join a new group for someone who has lived alone for a long time. That’s why he was refused from every rescue group.

As the weather is getting colder this case became much more urgent. If Pepe is spending few days outside, than there won’t be anybody to rescue.

There was report on the Calvary of Pepe in Tények on TV2:

Then came the NOÉ Pet Home. The Authority arranged everything super fast. Yesterday the last license for keeping Pepe temporary was stamped and signed. We started to organize how he can travel to his new home, to NOÉ Pet Home. We had to prepare everything, for example have a warm place for him and also for receiving him. We were planning to take
him here during the weekend, but the morning’s phone call rewrote everything: Pepe is in a really bad condition. We should go for him as soon as possible.

We didn’t hesitate: the Group of NOÉ Pet Home and our vet, dr. Mátyás Liptovszky got into a car and left for Pepe.

Now the most important is to keep him in a warm place, asses his condition and stabilize it.

Dear Angels, please cross your fingers for this old and ill macaque. Despite he is 24 he is old, but macaques can live until the age of 30-40. Maybe he can spend some beautiful years with us.

We will let you know everything on Pepe’s condition and his moving.


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