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CAC exhibition star or an illegal foxterrier puppy farm uncovered!

We got an urgent call from Szomorú Szív Állatmentő Szolgálat (Sad Heart Pet Rescue Group): we got a anonymous tip and we are on a farm in Ócsa now. There is big trouble there; there are more than 100 terriers. Please, can you come here now? Naturally we went there…

It was hard to find the farm via GPS coordinates in the periphery of Ócsa… Next to the gates stand the cars of Szomorú Szív and the chief Veterinary officer. There was a well-worn flower bed next to the entrance. It was surreal with the garbage which was accumulated for such a long time. In the middle of the garbage there was a rusty cup.

In the shades of the cars we saw a large breed, scared black dog…the watchdog. The picture is surrealistic, the stench is putrid. Without going closer we knew that there was a big trouble. The stink is incomparable. Unfortunately we smelled it so many time to recognize the huge amount of urine, faeces and the soaked ground.

There was garbage and debris everywhere. Everything is dirty and stinks. The first thing we saw was some crumbly building, some kennel like makeshift and the noise of barking dogs. A troop of uncountable dogs run in front of us. It’s easy to identify the normal haired fox terriers.

The chief veterinary officer and representatives of Szomorú Szív Állatmentő Szolgálat were over the first survey. It was disappointing because the dogs were full of fleas but they had neither a chip nor vaccination. Among those who were running in front of us were many bitches in heat whose smell was tempting for the males.
Dogs in the crumbly buildings were barking franticly. The windows were covered with faeces. The ground was covered by old, white bones which were not originated by dogs. It was sure to be there for many years….

As we were walking around we weren’t surprised to see so many puppies. It’s the result of the bitches in heat around us. It could be just a fake breeder.
And the owner is blaming everybody except himself for this situation. He is angry with us and said he had no time to clean that day because of our visit. That’s why the farm was in such a bad condition.

The dogs are not skinny but we haven’t seen any food or water in front of them. Some of them have maybe dermatitis but the owner said they were old. That’s why their fur is not in the best condition. Fortunately we haven’t found a seriously ill dog.

The bowls were dirty and empty. In the bottom of some we found just muddy water which was the leftover from the rain from the days before. It’s terrible even to think of how these dogs were living in the summer during the heat waves. In an unused fridge we have found half - sack of dog food and dry bread. We haven’t found any other food, but maybe the food source was in the makeshift building that we couldn’t enter. After a private investigation it turned out that the shelter from near by gave food regularly to this place… but why was this situation not disturbing for the shelter? Why was a fake breeder supported by them??
We were surprised the most when we arrived to the place which was known as the living place of the owner. Everything is dirty and stinks. In the “bedroom” there were some dirty clothes which were drying, small dirty cages. The cages were empty now but it’s sure some dogs are living in them.
We saw everywhere huge cups full of dust and dirt but some of them are still gleaming. It showed us to be new- yeah, the owner won them two days before. What a surprise! It turned out that the fake breeder is a well known breeder who won prizes in OMÉK CAC exhibition. He won the prize of the 2nd breeder group on both days!

We were speechless. Who is this man? Is he a fake breeder where the dogs are bred uncontrolled? Are the dogs unvaccinated and the parents are full of fleas and worms? Or is he a well known breeder with lots of prizes from the dog breeder foundation especially for the breeding stock? It’s unbelievable and incomprehensivable how it could happen. We would know this, so we are giving a statement to the Hungarian Dog Breeder Foundation and we are asking them to cancel the breeding license of this man until this case is under examination.
The worst thing was to realize that other breeders knew the fact how this owner kept and bred his dogs since twenty! years but they did nothing!

We are desperately thinking on how to continue. We should save more than 100 fox terriers from this awful place but where we can put them, how and from what source?
The chief veterinary officer and the owner made a contract: the man got thirty days to put everything in order, get all the dogs vaccinated, clean the place and make the environment suitable for keeping dogs there.
We would do something so we took ten dogs to our place. We have a written contract with the owner that he gave up the dogs. They are over the first vaccination; they are chipped and examined by our vet. Those who were in good condition were also spayed.

The ten lucky dogs that are out from hell now:

We are going back after 30 days with the members of Szomorú Szív and the chief veteraniray officer to see the changes. Unfortunately it’s hopeless to change for a long term. It cost more then hundred thousand Forints (400 Euros) for vaccinating and getting chipped 100 dogs. As to see the environment we don’t understand why these dogs should live in such situation if the man has money.

A big cleaning can be a help, but it’s not a solution for long term. It can’t solve this situation which occurs since twenty years.
Our aim is to suppress or ban keeping any animals on this farm. We would reach it with the help of the notary public. Now we also have 30 days to find out how to rescue these 100 dogs from hell.

Regarding to the fact, that the 85 year old mother of the owner also lives in one of the buildings, closed from everything we also give a statement to the Social Department of the competent government.

You can see the photos here:


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